Terrifying flying dinosaur with 8ft wings and razor-sharp teeth found in UK

The remains of a new species of flying dinosaur have been found in the UK.

Given the Gaelic name Dearc Sgiathanach, the reptile was thought to have been flying overhead around 170 million years ago.

Terrifyingly, it had an 8ft wingspan and “self-sharpening” teeth.

Its fossils were found by University of Edinburgh student Amelia Penny in “pristine and immaculately preserved” condition.

Professor Steve Brusatte, from the University of Edinburgh, said: “They would have been a spine-chilling sight, swooping down to catch and eat prey.

“It had big, sharp teeth that formed a kind of cage when it closed its jaw – perfect for trapping fish.

“I don’t like being at the seashore when there are seagulls swarming around and they are tiny compared to this thing. A flock of them would have been like something from an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie.

“This is one of the most beautiful, pristine and immaculately preserved pterosaur skeletons found anywhere in the world.

“It is a new species which shows that flying reptiles from the Jurassic era grew much larger than previously thought.”

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While it is thought that the creature only had 24 teeth, they would have shed and re-grown in order to stay sharp.

It is also estimated to be the “biggest” pterosaur specimen ever found from the Jurassic period, and was showcased earlier this week at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Professor Brusatte, alongside the university's Natalia Jagielska added: “This is a superlative Scottish fossil.

“The preservation is amazing, far beyond any pterosaur ever found in Scotland and probably the best British skeleton found since the days of Mary Anning in the early 1800s.

“Pterosaur bones are incredibly fragile because they are full of air sacs. Some of the bone walls are as thin as a sheet of paper.

“We feared the rising tide would destroy a lot of the bones we had exposed before we had time to get them out.

“It was absolutely manic.”

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