Terrifying moment man fights cops after stabbing 2 officers – before have-a-go hero throws bike on him to stop rampage | The Sun

TERRIFYING footage shows the moment a man fought several police officers at once after already stabbing two.

And the assailant was only tackled to the ground after a hero passerby threw a bike at him to stop the rampage.

The "crazy" man was surrounded by at least six policemen trying to control him with their batons and warning him to "stay where you are" after they pushed him to the ground.

But as they surrounded him he leapt up and started frantically throwing his hands and attempting to punch any officer in his path. 

Another officer then Tasered him with little impact before a member of the public threw the bike down on him from overhead.

He then appeared to kick the man before police told him to stop.


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A young female police officer suffered a serious stab wound to her arm which may be life-changing in this morning's 6am attack.

And a male officer was stabbed three times in the neck and once in the chest in Leicester Square, West London, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Taxi driver Youssef Boucetta, 27, saw the incident and heard the female officer shouting "I've been stabbed, I've been stabbed" with blood on her arm.

He added: "It was very disturbing."

Witness Barbara, 27, was walking to work when police cars pulled up next to her and officers began running towards the commotion. 

She said: "At first when I saw him I was thinking he's homeless.

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"He was wearing slippers and didn't dress well. He was very frustrated. He wasn't clear and didn't act like a normal person.

"He didn't try to escape at all. I just fought back. He didn't care that more than ten police officers were around him. He didn't care he just fought back.

"He was crazy. He didn't try to give himself to the police. He didn't run away. He just fought back. 

"Everyone in the street was in shock. It was a huge mess. He was very crazy, horrible, and aggressive. 

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"For everyone it was scary. It was just a couple of meters from my workplace. It could have been me."

Shocking video footage showed the wounded male officer shirtless and being helped by colleagues afterwards, with one of them using his hand to stem blood pouring from his neck.

More footage showed the male suspect being pinned on the ground by police after he had been Tasered several times to bring him under control.

The suspect was taken to hospital for injuries and is being kept under armed guard today.

A long-handled bloody weapon with a blade was seen lying on the pavement following the attack as cops tried to push back on-lookers and clear the area.

Witnesses said the suspect had been wandering around the area several hours beforehand wearing slippers and no socks.

There is no suggestion of any terrorist link to the incident at the stage.

The knife rampage came as the two injured Met officers dealt with a woman who had collapsed after being spiked with a drug at a club.

While they were dealing with the woman, members of the public alerted the cops to a man nearby brandishing a weapon.

One by-stander said: “The officers detained the man and as they were searching him he suddenly produced this long weapon with a blade at the end.

“He stabbed the female officer first with the weapon and then he was Tasered.

“But he then got up and produced a silver knife from inside his trousers and stabbed and slashed the male officer in the neck.

“Moments later there were police coming from everywhere and the suspect was Tasered repeatedly again and again by reinforcements.

“It was shocking to see, especially at this time with the Queen’s Lying-in-Wait and Funeral and the sad mood of the country.

“There are armed police all over central London at the moment and it is lucky he was not shot dead.”

The onlooker told how officers tried to help their wounded colleagues.

He said: “The male officer was standing up against a shop window and had his shirt off. Blood was pouring from his neck and one of his colleagues was trying to stanch the flow with his hand.

“Eventually he lay down on the ground and I gave them my jacket to try and cover up the bleeding.

“The female officer didn’t appear to be so badly injured at the time and the blood from her injuries was less visible.”

The witness added: “There were around a dozen people in the immediate area at the time who had come out of clubs and casinos.

“The suspect had been knocking around the Leicester Square area for around four hours.

“He had a smart jacket on but wore slippers without socks and seemed to be mentally deranged.”

A local worker told how he hears screams and the sound of Tasers being fired and zapping the suspect with 50,000 volt probes at the top end of Haymarket with the junction of Coventry Street.

The man said: “I ran out onto the street and saw the man on the ground with lots of wires coming out of him.

“He was shouting out with a London accent and still seemed to be struggling as police were holding him down.

“Within minutes there were hundreds of police in the area and cordons were set up.”

The onlooker added: “It was very scary and seemed to erupt out of nothing.”

There were initial fears the male officer stabbed in the neck wo0uld not survive, but he later stabilised though remains in a critical condition.

His female colleague is thought to be serious but stable.

One source said: “Both have suffered potentially life-changing injuries but are expected to survive.”

The Met Police said : “On Friday, 16 September at around 06:00hrs police encountered a male with a knife in the area of Leicester Square.

“Two officers received stab wounds and are currently being treated in hospital. We await further updates on their conditions.

“Taser was deployed and male was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and assaulting an emergency worker.

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“He was taken to a hospital for treatment where he remains at this time.

“Enquiries into the circumstances surrounding the incident are ongoing.”

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