Those Old Radio Shows Feb. 15-16

Friday, Feb. 15:

Hour 1: Scarlet Queen – Ep. 6 The White Cargo Act and Ah Sin; Fibber McGee and Molly – Valentine Candy
Hour 2: Lux Radio Theater-Wuthering Heights-N/A
Hour 3: Our Miss Brooks – Stretch is in Love Again; Burns and Allen -Gracies Dating Service
Hour 4: Weird Circle – Fatal Love Potion; Ozzie and Harriet – A Gift for Valentine’s Day

Saturday, Feb. 16:

Hour 1: Tales of the Texas Rangers – Ep. 92 Three Victims; X Minus One – Project Mastodon
Hour 2: Suspense – Commuter’s Ticket; Rogers of the Gazette – Illyria Box Supper
Hour 3: Roy Rogers – The Owlhoot Trail; Theater Five – The Fun Party
Hour 4: Wild Bill Hickok -Trail of the Grizzly Bear; Hancock’s Half Hour – Agricultural ‘Ancock
Hour 5: Man Called X – Student Riot at Lidon; The Line Up – Larry Zimmerman

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