Thousands caught out by change in speed limit ruled by Met

Thousands more motorists are getting speeding tickets after the Metropolitan Police reduced its "speed tolerance" threshold by 1mph.

Police usually have a speed tolerance amount, where motorists can exceed the actual speed limit by a several miles per hour before they are stopped or before a speed camera issues a speeding ticket.

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The new rules were not made public and are thought to have led to 347,000 extra drivers being done for speeding between January and June of this year compared to just 97,000 in the six months prior to the change.

According to the Sunday Times, the police force's new formula means motorists will face fines if the break the limit by 10% of the limit plus and extra 2mph.

It means if you are driving in a 30mph zone, you would be fined for going 36mph while if you are on the motorway, you may avoid a fine for going 79mph and under.

Despite this policy change, it is still illegal to exceed the speed limit, even by one mile per hour.

Previously the Met force had a 10% plus 3mph rule, but this was shelved back in May 2019.

The Met urged drivers to obey all speed limits at all times and not to factor in any thresholds.

"Posted speed limits are the maximum speed that road users should travel at any time, irrespective of the speed threshold that police commence enforcement action," they said.

According to research from the Department for Transport in 2020, 56% of cars exceeded the speed limit on 30mph roads, 53% on motorways and 12% on national speed limit single carriageway roads.

Over 6,000 motorists are caught speeding every day.


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