Top Brit Bengali adult star made mum pass out when she told her her career plan

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British Bengali OnlyFans star Yasmina Khan comes from a culture where working in the porn industry is frowned upon.

So when she began to forge her own path in the world of adult work, which involved jacking in her sales job which she did not enjoy, it was only a matter of time before she had to tell her mum about it.

And two years ago, when the 25-year-old did, it did not go well.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Yasmina, who is in the top 0.3% of creators on the adult site worldwide, recalled: “So my mum found out when I first started – actually, someone from my family shared my profile to her.

“She went crazy, fell on the floor and collapsed.

“She's Muslim and she literally almost had a heart attack.

“I just said that I did it for the money, because I was struggling with money – I wasn't lying as I was doing it for the money.

“But I said that I wouldn't do it again, but obviously, yeah… I did.

“And then she just thought, yeah, okay, she hasn't been doing it, and then I actually told my mum that I was still doing it, probably three or four months ago.”

Yasmina had become so successful on the site that she had managed to earn around £20k-£25k per month, and save up around £100k to buy herself a new home.

Her profile on social media had become so big that she also has nearly 250k followers on Twitter, along with her Instagram and TikTok, which made keeping her profession a secret very difficult.

But it was a simple conversion about buying a house that forced Yasmina's hand – although the reaction from her mother was probably not what she was expecting.

Nicknamed the Bengali Goddess, she said of the conversation earlier this year: “We had a phone conversation and I said that I wanted to buy a house up North, and she said that it was impossible as I didn't have any money.

“And I just said, 'mum, I've saved up £100k – I'm just gonna be honest with you, I'm still doing what I was doing in the past, and I'm still on that website.

“And rather than get annoyed, she just said that as long as I was discreet and careful and didn't use my real name, it was fine, although she'll never approve of it.

“But she knows that I do it, she just doesn't want to know about it.

“However, my sisters know, they love it because I treat them all the time!”

Yasmina has become somewhat of a trailblazer in the British porn industry.

Not only is she one of the top UK performers on the Only Fans website, she is the most popular British Bengali, too.

And, she reckons she is possibly the top worldwide – although there might be one in the United States that she reckons could pip her to that title.

But that popularity has seen her receive messages from many girls and women like her who want to follow in her footsteps and get into the industry.

“I do get a lot of hate, but then I do get a lot of love – I get more love than hate, you know.

“I've got a lot of Bengali fans like, 'oh my god, you're so brave for doing what you do, I've always wanted to do it and I cannot believe you're Bengali porn star'.

“Bengalis are meant to be really reserved, and, you know, your goal in life is to get married and have kids – that's literally it.

“But you know, I've been quite rebellious growing up, and I've been the black sheep of the family.

“There's not many Bengali girls like me.”

There is also another side to Yasmina – and it's one you might not expect.

In honour of her uncle who was a “massive foodie” and former restaurant owner, who died a few years ago, she wants to open up a toastie restaurant.

An emotional Yasmina said: “I just love toasties – they're so underrated.

“I don't know anywhere that specialises in toasties, and I've had all these ideas in my head for a long time from fish finger toastie to a roast in a toastie to mac and cheese toasties.”

In the very near future, Yasmina could be jumping from the world of adult porn to food porn, it seems.

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