Top cop who put dozens of killers behind bars feared female double murderer most

A female double killer was the most frightening criminal a police officer says he met.

Nicola Edgington randomly slaughtered a stranger on the street with a butcher's knife six years after murdering her own mum.

Detective Inspector Steve Keogh, who worked for the Met Police for more than a decade, looked countless monsters in the eye but Edgington scared him the most.

Mr Keogh, 50, helped put the 'narcissistic' killer behind bars for 37 years following her second deadly attack in October 2011.

Edgington brutally stabbed defenceless Sally Hodkin with a stolen butcher's knife attack after being tackled off another victim, 22-year-old Kerry Clark, on the same day.

According to Mr Keogh, Edgington would almost certainly kill again if she was ever released, the Mirror reports.

The former detective, who said his team cracked 90% of the murder cases they were assigned, told The Sun: “I have no hesitation in saying that if she was released that she would have done it again.

“She frightens me, to be honest, I have never felt unsafe arresting anyone or confronting them but she is frightening.”

He said that Edgington showed "high levels of narcissism" and "an extremely high sense of her own importance".

On top of that, she was "completely lacking in empathy", Mr Keogh said.

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“All she wanted to do was show everyone that she should have been listened to," he stated.

Edgington stabbed her 60-year-old mum Marion nine times in a fatal attack in Sussex in 2005.

She was detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act but released four years later. She later pleaded with police and mental health services to detain her, saying she feared she would kill again.

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On October 10, 2011, while waiting to be admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Greenwich, London, she left through a door that should have been locked.

After buying a knife from Asda she attempted to kill a woman in Bexleyheath – but was disarmed by a member of the public and her victim survived.

But tragically she went on to steal a knife from a butcher's shop, which she used to murder Sally Hodkin.

Edgington was later convicted of murder and attempted murder and ordered to serve at least 37 years behind bars before she is illegible to apply for parole.

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