Toronto woman charged after spitting on passenger on Hamilton bus: police

A 32-year-old Toronto woman is facing several charges, including assault and causing a disturbance, after allegedly spitting on another woman on a Hamilton bus.

Police say the alleged incident occurred Thursday at around 8 p.m. on a Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) bus at the Go Station on Hunter Street.

The victim and her friend were sitting in front of the accused while the Toronto woman was allegedly consuming alcohol, according to police.

The victim alleges that she faced unprovoked threats from the accused, before getting up and sitting elsewhere.

Hamilton police say the accused then spat twice at the victim, before the victim’s friend interjected; causing the driver to stop the bus and remove the Toronto woman and a male who was in her company.

Once outside the bus, the woman then allegedly began banging on the bus windows and doors.

Police say they were able to arrest the woman after the driver contacted an HSR supervisor who found the accused woman.

The 32-year-old Toronto woman is facing charges of assault, causing a disturbance, uttering threats, and failing to comply with her probation.


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