Torrential rain to hit Britain

BBC Weather: Gales and heavy rain forecast for UK

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According to the Met Office, scattered showers are expected in the south and north which will extend to other parts on Friday. Some of these heavy and thundery showers will especially hit western and southern regions.

Weather experts believe that this will change at the weekend with increased winds for Scotland by Saturday and then strong winds for much of the UK by Sunday. forecaster Jo Farrow said: “As an Atlantic low pressure moves over Ireland, there will be bands of rain from the west and southwest but still gaps and shelter.

“Northern Ireland and South West Scotland look to see heavy and persistent rain, although it is eastern Scotland needing the downpours.

“There is rain in the forecast for Friday and the weekend with the risk of heavy downpours, even torrential thundery ones with flooding.

“At this stage, there is uncertainty about how the low pressure will swing down the eastern Atlantic and interactions from continental Europe.”

Temperatures will widely be in the low to mid-twenties through this week.

Warmer, more humid air will be drawn up over South East Britain ahead of the Atlantic low pressure.

Spain and France have seen heat and thunderstorms already this week and the muggy, unstable air is adding to the mix for our UK weekend weather.

Ms Farrow added: “The main frontal boundary will take until Saturday to swing in from the southwest. These rain bands will have fresher air behind them.

“Ahead of that is the warmer, more humid air and bands of hefty showers with bright or sunny spells in between which will allow the temperatures to reach the mid to high twenties over England this weekend.

“If you are under thicker cloud and showers, it will be high teens to low 20s.”

Saturday looks hit and miss for the downpours. There will be wider frontal bands edging over Northern Ireland into South West Scotland.

These will merge with the clusters of heavy and thundery showers edging up through Britain.

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For many areas, it will remain dry, sometimes with more cloud but feeling very warm in any sunshine.

The meteorologist added: “Overnight the bands begin to give significant totals as the whole lot pivots and swings the rain over Northern Ireland and western Britain.”

Meanwhile, the Met Office has revealed the storm names for 2022/23 for the storms with the potential to cause amber or red weather warnings.

The new storms list – first launched in 2015 – for each year generally runs from early September until late August the following year, coinciding with the beginning of autumn.

This year Daisy, Glen, Khalid and Owain came through e-mail submissions, while Betty won a public vote on Twitter, with more than 12,000 votes cast.

A list of possible names are compiled by Irish forecaster Met Eireann, the UK’s Met Office and the Dutch national weather forecasting service KNMI.

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