Tot, 2, who swallowed battery that exploded inside him fighting for his life

A toddler who swallowed a battery that exploded inside him is fighting for his life.

Two-year-old Dylan Alejandro swallowed the battery, which burnt his oesophagus, at his home in Cananea, Sonora State, north-western Mexico last month.

His family hadn't seen the incident take place, it was only when they notice him struggling to breathe that they took him to a local hospital, where they were told he had swallowed the battery.

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Due to the severe nature of his injuries the youngster was then transferred to another hospital in the state capital, Hermosillo.

Mum-of-eight Nayeli Guadalupe Coronado Nino, told local media how her son Dylan suffered an oesophageal burn and an infection in one of his lungs after the battery burst inside him.

He was admitted to intensive care on October 23, where medics said his blood was no longer processing oxygen.

Local media reported that surgeons can only operate on him when his oxygen levels are more stable.

Dylan's family is now asking for financial help online, as they do not have health insurance.

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Swallowing a lithium coin cell battery can cause a life-threatening chemical reaction within two hours – and proves fatal to at least two children a year

Millions of Brits admit they leave batteries lying around – with nearly a quarter catching a child playing with a loose one in their home.

Despite the danger, more than two-thirds of the 2,000 adults polled would be unsure what to do if they came across a child swallowing a battery.


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