Travis Scott has pled guilty TWICE for encouraging chaos at his shows

Travis Scott has been convicted TWICE for encouraging fans to rush his stage: Man paralyzed at NYC concert in 2017 says rapper ‘never learnt his lesson’ – as nurse at Astroworld Fest claims ‘no one saw a man with a needle start the surge’

  • Scott, 29, has a history of inciting mayhem at his notoriously rowdy concerts 
  • He’s previously pled guilty twice  to disorderly and reckless conduct charges
  • In one 2015 show, he told the crowd: ‘Let’s go. Come over. I want chaos’ 
  • Eight people died at a stampede at his Friday night concern in Houston, Texas
  • The Grammy-winning rapper said he was ‘devastated’ and ‘could never imagine the severity of the situation’ in an Instagram video Saturday
  • A nurse at Friday’s show described the harrowing scene backstage and behind the crowd as bodies were sprawled out and medical staff was overwhelmed 

Travis Scott took to Instagram Saturday night (pictured) after eight people died during his performance at Astroworld Festival

Travis Scott says he could ‘never imagine the severity of the situation’ after eight fans were killed at his Astroworld concert Friday, but the rapper has been charged with reckless and disorderly conduct stemming from chaos at his shows at least twice.

Scott, born Jacques Bermon Webster II, posted an emotional video saying he was ‘devastated’ about the deaths on his Instagram Saturday, but the rapper, known for inciting mayhem at his shows, has a history of run-ins with the law on the very same issue.

In August 2015, the 29-year-old, who is dating Kylie Jenner, pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of reckless conduct after his fans jumped a security barricade at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.

‘All my real ragers jump the barricade right now. Let’s go. Come over,’ he said as his young fans obliged. ‘I want chaos.’

And in February 2018, he pled guilty to another misdemeanor charge – this one for disorderly conduct – after he encouraged his fans to rush the stage and bypass security at a 2017 concert in Arkansas.  

Meanwhile, a nurse who fainted and was crowd-surfed to the stage at Friday’s concert described the scene backstage as overwhelmed medical staff dealt with a sea of bodies. She also pushed back on claims that a man stabbing people with a needle was the source of the deaths.

The crowd at the Houston-based music festival surged toward the stage during Scott’s performance, knocking other concertgoers over and squeezing them together 

‘This is a lie. They trying to cover their asses. Nobody who actually was there has said this shit. Nobody saw this shit,’ said Madeline Eskins.

Eight people, ranging in age from 14 to 27, were killed as people pushed against one another while trying to get as close as possible to the Grammy-winning performer. 

Some described not being able to breathe, feeling their ribs crushed and not being able to move their arms as the pushing and shoving went on.

The rapper was the subject of a 2019 Netflix documentary titled Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly, which depicts fans with bloody noses and shows the difficulty of staging the kinds of shows Scott prefers while avoiding police intervention.

Eskins, a concertgoer who describes herself as an ICU nurse, wrote a lengthy Instagram post on Saturday detailing what happened to her at the show.

She says she fainted in the crowd Friday night after she wasn’t able to breathe.

Someone then crowd-surfed her unconscious body to a security guard, who put her in a section backstage where medical staff was frantically trying to save people ‘with eyes rolled back into their heads’ and ‘bleeding from their nose and mouth.’

Danish Baig, 27 (left), was killed at Travis Scott’s Astroworld after saving a relative during the stampede on Friday, his brother said. Franco Patino, 21 (right), also died, the University of Dayton said

Brianna Rodriguez, 16, (left) was a dancer and junior in high school. Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Pena, 23,(right)  was an aspiring model and dreamed of one day being a US Border Patrol agent. He died of cardiac arrest

‘I yelled, “has ANYBODY checked a pulse?’ she recalled.

‘Please come help us,’ a security guard told her after she identified herself as an ICU nurse, she said. 

Scott continued to perform for 37 minutes after first responders were called to the event, according to the Houston Chronicle. Social media video from the concert shows fans asking camera operators to stop the show.

She recalls seeing three bodies sprawled out behind the general admission crowd as medical staff performs CPR with little resources or training.

‘I ask where the ambu bag is, where the AED is, where the stretcher and ambulance is, where tf any s*** is and they said essentially there is none,’ Eskins writes.

‘There’s one ambu bag, one stretcher and one AED for 3 – now 4 – people who are pulseless and blue. 

‘People from the crowd are trying to help. Teenagers are doing CPR trying to help but they’re doing it incorrectly. Then I see there’s other people doing CPR on people who still have a pulse bc nobody has done a pulse check. It was an absolute shit show.’

Eskins also posted a story calling pushing back on claims, published by TMZ, that a man with a needle was going around and injecting people with something.  

Scott, 29, continued to perform after eight people were crushed to death

‘This is a lie,’ she wrote. ‘They trying to cover their asses. Nobody who actually was there has said this s****. Nobody saw this s***.’

Houston police chief Troy Finner said a security guard felt a prick in his neck and immediately fell unconscious while he was trying to restrain somebody else, according to TMZ.

The guard was revived using NARCAN, used to undo opioid overdoses, and medical staff confirmed that he had been stabbed with a syringe. 

A lawyer for Kyle Green, a 27-year-old who was left partially paralyzed at Scott’s April 2017 concert at Terminal 5 in New York City, says that Green was ‘devastated and heartbroken’ for the families of the eight people who died at Scott’s Friday night concert.

Green says he was forced over the edge of a balcony at the venue , which he called ‘severely crowded.’ He broke several bones and vertebrae and can only walk with a ‘significant, significant disability.’

‘He’s even more incensed by the fact that it could have been avoided had Travis learned his lesson in the past and changed his attitude about inciting people to behave in such a reckless manner,’ attorney Howard Hershenhorn told Rolling Stone. 

At the show, Scott had encouraged another fan to jump off the balcony. 

‘I see you, but are you gonna do it?’ Scot asked. ‘They gonna catch you. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared!’

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