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Metraseparator grain cleaners help farmers solve challenges they encounter while storing and drying grain. The grain cleaners are used to separate grain from chaff after a harvest and to separate grain before storage. Additionally, the Metrazeseparator grain cleaners help in keeping grain at the desired temperature and humidity as they have a vent system for allowing air to flow through the gains.

The Metra Grain Cleaners rely on hydraulic or electric energy for power and is a great improvement from the normal grain cleaner. For instance, they do not come with changeable or replaceable screens. This relieves the farmer of time and stress of changing screens and provides more time to focus on more important farm issues, other than small maintenance matters. The Metraseparator grain cleaner-6 is the latest model in town and it has many features superior to those of its predecessors’.


The Metraseparator grain cleaner-6 is an MC-100/70 model. Its closest predecessor- version 5, is an MC-50/30 model, while the earliest version- version1, is an MC-4/2 model. Metraseparator grain cleaner-6 has a processing productivity capacity of 1835 bushels/hour for seeds and 3670 bushels per hour for food grain. This capacity is almost double that of the version 5. The Metraseparator grain cleaner-6 is simply a revolution in the agricultural business. The version six is based on a new technology of separating seeds not only from impurities but also from low-density seeds and classifies the seeds into five grades based on respective density.


Classification of seeds ensures increased productivity during cultivation as farmers can be able to group healthy seeds together. This grain cleaner can be used on a wide variety of materials, including Maize, Peas, Barley, Oats, Wheat, Poppy, Rape, and Lucerne. This Metra machine is simply designed to take the farming experience to a whole new level as it does not only increase productivity, it also gives farmers an easy time.