Trump mocks Prince Harry claiming he ‘made Queen smile like never before’

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Donald Trump has taunted Prince Harry by claiming he made the Queen smile 'like she never has before'.

It comes after Prince Harry told the Today show that his grandmother has "always got a great sense of humour" in their conversations when he was asked about his surprise visit to see her at Windsor Castle earlier this month.

The former United States President made the bizarre claim in a brand new interview with Piers Morgan.

Mr Trump told the TalkTV presenter: "I’m not a fan of Meghan. I'm not a fan and I wasn't, right from the beginning.

"I think poor Harry is being led around by his nose. And I think he's an embarrassment.

"And I think when she spoke badly of the Royal Family, but in particular the Queen you know, I met the Queen. It was supposed to be for 20 minutes."

Piers added: "I saw you just after you saw her" and Trump responded: "Right. It was supposed to be just a quick meeting. And it was beautiful.

He also claimed that his meeting turned out to be more than an hour "because she liked me and I liked her and she let it be known".

In the brand new interview Trump also said that he 'disagrees' with the Queen's decision not to strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their royal titles when they quit working life in the Royal Family.

"The only thing I disagree with the Queen on, probably one of the only things ever, is that I think she should have said, 'If that’s your choice, fine.", he said.

The former President met the Queen on two separate occasions as part of a working visit to the UK in 2018 and 2019.

He was reported to breach royal protocol several times during the meetings, including when he brazenly walked in front of her at Buckingham Palace.

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