Tucker Carlson insists NSA has NOT denied reading his emails after agency admits it can target Americans 'in emergency'

TUCKER Carlson insists the NSA has not denied reading his emails as the federal spy agency said it could target American citizens in “emergencies”.

The commentator's remarks come after NSA chiefs dismissed claims that agents were spying on him.

Tucker said: “A couple of days ago we told you that the National Security Agency had read our emails and was effectively threatening us with them – leaking them.

“It’s not a statement you would make lightly. No one wants to go on TV saying the government is spying on me. You sound like a lunatic. Except when it's true and of course it is true.

"It's not just this show. They are spying on people and they should stop because it's illegal.

“Yesterday we had a long conversation with the National Security Agency. We got a statement out of them. They effectively conceded 'Yes we read your emails'.

"They had some justification for it but it’s not justified. It never is except when national security is threatened and nothing we did would ever threaten national security. Period."

Tucker’s remarks came just hours after the NSA said the Fox News host has “never been an intelligence target of the Agency”.

The body said they have never tried to take his show off the air.

In a statement, the spy agency said: "NSA has a foreign intelligence mission. We target foreign powers to generate insights on foreign activities that could harm the United States.

"With limited exceptions (e.g. an emergency), NSA may not target a US citizen without a court order that explicitly authorizes the targeting."

Carlson made the original claims on Monday night where he claimed the Biden administration was “spying on him” in a bid to get him off the airwaves.

He also alleged that his team had "confirmed" the spying with an NSA whistleblower, branding the revelations "scary."

During a segment about the January 6 riots in DC, Tucker said: "It's not just political protests that the government is spying on."

The Fox News pundit insisted he'd usually be "skeptical" of such a "shocking claim", as it's a "crime" and because the US "isn't a third world country."

He said he has no doubts that the information shared by the alleged whistleblower is true.

He accused the NSA of capturing information that was available only through his own texts, and doing it for "political reasons".

Carlson claimed to have filed a Freedom of Information Act request demanding all information that the NSA and other government agencies have gathered on him and his show.

He then called on lawmakers to intervene, claiming "spying on opposition journalists is incompatible with democracy".

He said: "They are doing it to us and again, they are definitely doing it to us, they are almost certainly doing it to others. This is scary and we need to stop it right away.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki tried to dismiss the allegations as she said the NSA is focused on foreign threats, not citizens on US soil.

She redirected questions to the intelligence community.

Psaki said: "The NSA has, I think you are well aware, everyone’s aware, everyone on this plane is aware, I should say, is an entity that focuses on foreign threats and individuals who are attempting to do us harm on foreign soil.

“So that is their purview, but beyond that, I would point you to the intelligence community.”

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