Twenty-four spa hotel guests and staff rushed to hospital after breathing in fumes as two chemicals 'accidentally mix'

TWENTY-four spa hotel guests and staff have been rushed to hospital after breathing in fumes as two chemicals were "accidentally mixed together."

Emergency services were called to the Solent Hotel & Spa in Hampshire just before 9pm on Monday after chlorine gas was released.

Chlorine gas had been created on-site when two chemicals were accidentally mixed, emergency services said.

And some guests required ventilation after breathing in the hazardous fumes at the hotel on Rookery Avenue in Whiteley.

Hazardous Area Response Team from South Central Ambulance Service were also at the scene – and provided the breathing apparatus for the affected guests.

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And a number of fighters from neighbouring towns were rushed to the scene after the guests and staff inhaled the gas.

A spokeswoman from Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service said: "A number of hotel guests had been overcome by fumes in the spa area after two chemicals had accidentally been mixed together and created chlorine gas.

"Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service began immediate emergency care, set up a casualty handling area and requested the ambulance service to attend.

"A ventilation fan was used to clear the fumes and firefighters took the vessel containing chemicals to fresh air. Gas monitors were used to check that the scene was safe.

"In total, 24 people were taken to hospital by ambulance crews."

Station manager Dave Graham called it a "large-scale incident with multiple people requiring medical treatment for the inhalation of gas".

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