Twisted terrorist mastermind who led ISIS blew his own kids up to avoid capture

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On October 26, 2019, the terrorist mastermind and ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died during a US Special Forces raid on his compound in remote Syria.

But in the same way that he became the world's most notorious terrorist, al-Baghdadi had to go out in the way of his choosing.

His two young children, however, didn't get a say.

As a US Special Forces task force broke into his secret complex and searched room by room, al-Baghdadi pulled his two young sons into a corner and prepared the suicide belt which would kill all three of them.

He waited as long as he could, hoping Special Forces would miss him.

That's simply not how they operate.

And when two American soldiers and a heroic military dog appeared at the doorway of the tunnel bunker, al-Baghdadi hit 'detonate'.

He was instantly killed, as were his two children.

The tunnel fell in, disabling the two GIs and severely wounding their trusted K-9 sniffer, a Belgian Shepherd named Conan.

Thankfully, all three survived the explosion – and "Zero Bark Thirty" was given a medal at the White House.

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ISIS' depraved leader and his young kids weren't so lucky.

The 48-year-old was sold out by an ex-Islamic State ally who spoke to Syrian rebel fighters – and even passed a pair of al-Baghdadi's pants to the CIA, proving his location.

It was the only way the highly secretive leader could ever be found.

Unlike Osama bin-Laden, who turned himself into a celebrity, al-Baghdadi preferred the shadows.

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But he did like the perks of ISIS' domination: a serial rapist and never a good Muslim, he kept numerous sex slaves abducted in the towns captured by his personal army.

Yet al-Baghdadi only ever gave one public speech, after ISIS' audacious capture of Iraqi oil capital Mosul.

The successful invasion was the tactical high point of the terrorist group, which marched on to control vast swathes of the country and neighbouring territories.

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Access to huge reserves of black gold also bankrolled years of ISIS' operations.

So it was no surprise al-Baghdadi took the chance to make a celebratory appearance at the landmark al-Nuri Mosque, where he vowed to "march on the West".

Arguably al-Baghdadi succeeded, inspiring a wave of global terrorist attacks which included the Manchester Arena bombing, the Pulse nightclub killings, the 2015 Paris attacks, a beach resort massacre in Tunisia, the San Bernardino mass shooting, and many more.

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Though he never masterminded an earth-shaking single act of war on the scale of 9/11, al-Baghdadi did succeed in motivating hundreds of Islamist radicals and ISIS-sympathetic killers to declare war on their local communities.

On top of the many thousands killed, raped, and maimed by ISIS fighters across Iraq and Syria, the impacts of ISIS-backed terrorism are still deeply felt on every corner of the globe.

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And yet, it was his final act of self-destruction that arguably sealed al-Baghdadi's rancid reputation.

In June 2017, ISIS destroyed the ancient al-Nuri Mosque, despite having claimed it as a sacred site of Islam, on their way out of Mosul.

Iraq's prime minister described the shameless act as an "admission of defeat".

And by December 2017, 95% of the territory stolen by ISIS had been taken back after military campaigns by American, Russian, Syrian, Turkish, and Kurdish fighters.

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The once-powerful terrorist group, which succeeded in striking fear into the hearts of everyday citizens worldwide, was all but done for.

For al-Baghdadi, personal defeat was just a matter of time.

And no amount of sex slaves, child human shields, and inflammatory speeches could save him.

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