Two arrested for death of Olivia Pratt-Korbell ‘in isolation for gang hit fears’

Two men arrested in connection with the shooting of Olivia Pratt-Korbell are being kept in isolation in prison over fears that a gang hit could be ordered on them.

The nine-year-old schoolgirl was shot in her own home on Kingsheath Avenue, Dovecot, at around 10pm on Monday, August 22.

She was hit by a stray bullet from a gunman chasing convicted criminal Joseph Nee.

Olivia was hit in the chest by the same bullet that injured her mum Cheryl, 46. Olivia was taken to Alder Hey Children's Hospital where she later died.

Nee, 35, was detained for breaching his licence after being shot as he was chased into the girl's home.

Another man, aged 36 and suspected of being involved in the shootings, returned to prison after being released on bail.

Now, a source tells The Sun, there are fears the men will be targeted by gangs because the people who ordered the shooting eight days ago want them to stay silent.

The unnamed source said: “The guys that ordered this shooting do not want either of these men to talk.

“They have lots of contacts inside and outside prison so Nee and the suspected hitman will need to watch their backs. Dead people don’t talk.”

He will be returned to prison for breaching the conditions of his release.

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Merseyside Police stressed that the investigation into Olivia's murder remains ongoing and they still need people to come forward.

A spokesperson said: "We still need people to come forward so we can build up a strong evidential picture and bring those responsible to justice.

"We are still appealing to anyone who saw a black Audi Q3 car in the days leading up to the shooting, or has any information about its movements after leaving Kingsheath Avenue on the night of the shooting."

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