Two women arrested for covering man’s apartment in glitter during argument

A pair of women were slapped with criminal charges after allegedly throwing containers of glitter at a man and covering his home in the sparkly stuff during an argument.

Sarah Franks, 29, and Kaitlin O'Donovan, 27, got into an altercation with Jacob Colon at around 3 a.m. on Monday.

Colon was allegedly hit by the two women after the pair threw a container of glitter each at him before making their way inside his apartment and spreading more inside, according to an arrest affidavit.

Franks and O'Donovan were later arrested and charged with burglary with assault or battery, and thrown into Pinellas County Jail.

The women and Colon's relationship, as well as the reason for the argument, remains unclear.

According to the affidavit, the early morning attack in Clearwater, Flordia, began as the two women started arguing with Colon, who had been standing on his balcony.

During the sparkly argument, the two women allegedly tossed containers of glitter at him, striking him in the upper head and torso, MailOnline reports.

Franks then scaled the ground-level fence and made her way inside Colon's apartment where she continued to check more containers of glitter.

She then also unlocked the door for O'Donovan to let her in the apartment and continued to throw more containers at him, the arrest document states.

After the glitter attack, Franks allegedly kicked a window in the apartment before fleeing the scene with O'Donovan, police said.

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The pair were both later arrested by local police after their vehicle was traced back to their residence.

Officer Matt High said that the car was still "warm to the touch" and traces of glitter were also found inside the vehicle.

Franks and Donovan were arrested on charges of felony burglary with assault or battery.

Additionally, Franks was charged with misdemeanour criminal mischief for breaking Colon's window.

She has since been bonded out of jail after posting a $75,250 (£54,000) bail while O'Donovan remains in custody.

A judge has also ordered both women to have no future contact with Colon.

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