UK ‘pigsty’ town with ‘druggies everywhere and youths drinking in the street’

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    Residents of a "pigsty" UK town have spoken out declaring their city centre has been overrun by "druggies" and underage drinkers.

    Locals in Doncaster are fed up of the antisocial behaviour and claim the council isn't doing enough to curb crime or tackle mounting waste in the "city centre dump".

    Posting to the Facebook group Clean up Doncaster Town Centre, one disgruntled resident said: "Just had a walk around the city centre and what a mess it is. Silver Street a pigsty, more druggies than ever before and kids running wild with [their] abusive foul language.

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    "Youths drinking openly in the street which I thought the crap council made illegal and […] no enforcement officers in sight when they discard [their] tins and bottles on the street and not in the bins provided.

    "I'm off home, don't know when I'll return to the city centre dump again."

    Other social media users were quick to agree, with one chiming in: "Worst place I’ve ever lived," while another added: "Don't know how they can call it a city, it's an absolute sh*t hole. Council what council they don't give a toss. I will never set foot in the place ever again."

    Meanwhile, a third added: "Words fail me, so ashamed of Doncaster."

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    Other members of the group complained of high crime rates in the town, with one woman branding the city centre a "no-go area".

    "My daughter was walking from work to meet her boyfriend near B&M [when they] were […] robbed and threatened they would be stabbed if they didn’t hand over phone," she fumed.

    "So unfair that town centre is becoming a no go area."

    Others complained the city became a different place altogether ahead of the St Leger Stakes, an annual horse race that takes place at the city's racecourse.

    Posting a picture of clean-up teams on the town's streets, one resident wrote: "Absolute joke!!!

    "This week (Leger week) is the only time we see these guys out in force to clean up where racegoers are going to be. Don't worry about the rest of Doncaster being a dump."

    Doncaster boasts a population of nearly 114,00 people, according to the 2021 census, making it the second-largest city in South Yorkshire after Sheffield.

    It has the highest crime rate of any major town in the region and the second-most dangerous across England, Wales and northern Ireland with a rate of 167 crimes per 1,000 people in 2022 – 102% higher than the average, according to CrimeRate.

    Doncaster City Council said they had recently installed new CCTV cameras around the city centre and had a city centre Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in place, enabling police officers and city centre support staff to conduct regular patrols.

    Mayor of Doncaster Ros Jones said: "We want the city centre to be a place for everyone to enjoy and to feel safe when they visit so we have put more resources into a range of actions to make sure this happens.

    “To help everyone stay safe, we have robust actions plans in place with our partners and the police to tackle issues including rough sleeping, anti-social behaviour and retail crime.

    "In Doncaster, we have a compassionate approach to this and our intervention focusses on helping those people with complex needs who need extra support to rehabilitate and improve their lives."

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