UK snow forecast: Met Office warns Britain to see SNOW in hours – charts show 10cm due

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts snow

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Richard Miles from the Met Office told that the cold weather will bring snow and “wintry conditions” across the UK, including the South. Mr Miles added that Scotland, northern England a North Wales can expect to see some lying snow. Weather forecaster WXCharts has predicted up to 2inches (5cm) snow across much of the UK on Friday, including the areas surrounding London and some parts of Scotland.

It has forecast up to 4inches (10cm) of snow per hour in parts of Northern Scotland, with much of the UK – including Manchester, Bradford and Carlise – seeing around 0.4inches (1cm) of snow per hour.

On Saturday, Scotland is likely to see up to 4inches (10cm) of snow, maps from WXCharts show.

This comes after Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services yesterday reminded that February is often the month that “brings the most snow.”

Weather forecaster Netweather has warned that the upcoming snow will also be accompanied by “severe gales” and a “risk of ice”.

But this is unlikely to be the last bout of snow seen by the UK this month, as WXCharts has also predicted heavy snow in the middle of the month.

It has forecast up to 16inches (40cm) by 16 February.

Referring to snow in the UK later this week, Netweather said: “An active cold front will appear from the North West after lunch on Thursday and clear SE England on Friday morning.

“This will bring a spell of wet and windy weather across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“The SW wind will pick up during Thursday with gales, even severe gales for the Western Isles by late Thursday morning.

“Then worth watching for the passage of the front as it will be very gusty with heavy convective rain bursts into Thursday evening.

“Overnight there will be hill snow along the back edge and then the risk of ice as the skies clear.

“Wintry showers follow with snow reaching down to low levels in the heavier bursts.

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“Mainly for NW and western Scotland but reaching into Cumbria and Northern Ireland before dawn.

“Then snow showers could reach the peak District, Cambrian mountains as they extend over more of Scotland (from a NW direction) and over the Pennines.

“The cold front could also have left some snow on its journey south overnight for Snowdonia and the hills of northern England.”

Speaking to, Mr Miles said: “A cold front moving southwards on Thursday and into Friday will bring squally and wintry conditions mainly to the north of the UK.

“We may see some wintry showers in the south but any lying snow will be mainly confined to higher ground in Scotland, northern England and north Wales.

“Milder conditions for Saturday and Sunday will be followed by another front bringing potentially wintry conditions to the north of the UK again on Sunday into Monday.”

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