UK strip clubs could be ‘extinct’ by 2030 with exotic dancers out of work

Britain’s strip clubs could be ‘extinct’ by 2030 – leaving ‘thousands of women out of work and at risk’, according to campaigners.

They have branded the closure of many venues by councils a “sexist crusade” as well as endangering jobs and pushing the profession underground – which could expose dancers to an increased risk of harm.

A campaign has now been launched to urge the Government to step in and stop councils from waging against the sector, and instead support women who they say have a “right to choose where to work”.

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The campaign is being backed by Chelsea Ferguson, a former lap dancer turned entrepreneur and self-made millionaire after founding the popular adult content website

She said: “Lapdancing clubs have been a fixture in city centres for decades. They are overwhelmingly safe spaces where women can choose to earn good wages.

“But women could have these opportunities snatched from them by politicians – often men – who think they know what’s best for females.

“But stripping wouldn’t disappear, it would just be more dangerous for the women. Clubs have security, CCTV and strict rules to keep dancers safe, but those safety nets would vanish overnight – and that’s really scary.”

Her comments follow a probe by a leading stag and hen party company, which found that despite their raunchy reputation, strip clubs have barely caused a ripple on the radar of most UK councils.

Figures disclosed via the Freedom of Information Act show some of the UK’s biggest local authorities have received no licencing complaints in the past seven years despite being littered with lapdancing establishments.

They include both Newcastle and Liverpool – Europe’s two most popular stag party destinations.

Matt Mavir, Managing Director of Britain’s leading stag and hen firm, Last Night of Freedom, said: “The reality is lapdancing venues are a safer place to work than many bars or pubs.

“So the message to other councils is to treat these clubs like any other businesses. Their own data has shown that in most cases, the only complaints they even get are to do with noise – these are not the dens of inequity that politicians portray them as.

“And while strip clubs may not be for everybody, we believe that everybody should be free to decide that for themselves – especially the women who choose to dance.”

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