UK town plagued by egg-throwing yobs who swig alcohol hidden in McDonald’s cups

Teenagers are causing mayhem in a UK town as they egg shop windows, harass women and racially abusing shop workers while swigging alcohol hidden in takeaway McDonald’s cups.

One local retailer, Ganesh Rai, says he was subjected to a tirade of a busy after he refused to sell alcohol to an underage boy in Ashford, Kent.

He said: " A couple of months ago, really small kids, maybe between eight to 12-years-old, came in saying ‘give me vodka’. They went to the fridge and grabbed alcohol. I said ‘you can’t do that’ and asked them to leave the store.

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“They left and after a few minutes they came back with eggs and threw them at the window. Through the door and they were swearing and shouting". Ganesh says there are similar incidents almost every week.

Shop owner Dhan Rogu, who works on the high street, says shoplifting is "killing" small business owners in the town.

Staff from a local cafe say they have also experienced antisocial behaviour, with one saying that they had to intervene after a group assaulted a vulnerable person outside the cafe.

Kay Lal said: “They come in and ask us for takeaway cups to put their alcohol in, or they will go to McDonald’s.

“We have to be strict and not give them anything.

“Around 70% of the time the trouble is between themselves. They get drunk and shout at each other.

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The hooligans "think nobody can touch them because they are under 18," Kay said. "But one day I had to tell one of the girls off.

“There was a vulnerable lady and the kids, maybe [aged] 14, started to pick on her.

“Parents just let them go out and don’t know what’s happening.”

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There were also issues with e-scooters, after recent resurfacing work has made it easy for louts to achieve dangerously high speeds on roads and pavements

Chief inspector Sarah Rivett, Ashford district commander at Kent Police, said: “Our statistics show that reported anti-social behaviour has fallen in Victoria ward, which includes Ashford town centre, in the last year and I believe that is due, at least in part, to the hard work of my officers.

“Despite the fall however, we are not complacent and continue to build on our work with partner agencies and businesses to help ensure the town is a safe place to live and work."

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