UK weather: Brits brace for ‘heavy downpours’ in washout before mercury rises to mild 22C

Met Office forecasts 'strong winds' later in the week

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Clare Nasir from the meteorological service said that temperatures will rise to a peak of 22C in the south in a pleasant spike in temperatures. However, Ms Nasir warned there would be “heavy downpours” early on Wednesday.

She said: “So some wet weather to come for at least a couple of hours.

“We could see some moderate, if not heavy downpours, particularly across northern England, the far south east of England as well as East Anglia. Showers will follow towards the southwest and the winds will pick up some strength.”

She continued to state temperatures will be on the mild side near the north of Scotland where residents will see temperatures plunge to chilly single figures.

However, the meteorologist reassured it will be a pleasant bright start to the day in northern parts of the nation.

Unfortunately, it is “not the case across western parts of Scotland”.

Ms Nasir continued: “Northern Ireland will see some brighter weather to start the day, but the rain will return.

“Winds will pick up here as well as Irish sea coast and you can see some showers gathering towards the west country as well as southern parts of Wales.

“But a bright start to the day for central southern England ,the Midlands, eastern parts of Wales. But showers will develop in situ and they will be slow moving and heavy through this morning ,into the afternoon. 

“As this rain across the central belt of Scotland pretty much grinds to a halt, will lose its intensity. But patchy rain and drizzle just coming right the way through the afternoon across the southern highlands border regions, central belt of Scotland.

“Towards the north of that, you’ll see some brighter skies through the day.

“And those showers you can see will be slow moving as we see more persistent rain for a time, just clearing far south of Northern Ireland later on.

“So sunshine and showers through the afternoon. In the sunshine temperatures typically coming in around 17C, 18C in the north, up to around 22C further south. 

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“So through the evening and overnight , we watch as this rain pretty much hovers across the central and northern part of the country.”

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