UK weather forecast: Britain set for -10C blast with 25cm SNOW in brutal cold spike

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts snow

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Speaking to, weather forecaster Jim Dale said that the cold weather is likely to hit in the second and third weeks of the month. He noted that February is when the UK sees “some of the coldest temperatures”, noting that “we’re definitely not out of Winter”. However, he said that the cold temperatures are likely to be “short-lived spikes”.

Weather forecaster WXCharts has predicted wind chill temperatures of -10C across Scotland on Friday 11 February.

Wind chill will make regions north of Manchester feel like -5C to -8C, while the rest of the UK will all feel like sub-zero.

This period will also see up to 10inches (25cm) of snow in parts of Scotland.

Regions north of Manchester will also experience some falling snow, with up to 1cm per hour in Edinburgh.

The actual minimum temperatures, when not accounting for the wind chill factor, will sit at around -8C in parts of Scotland, while the rest of the UK will be between 0C to -3C.

Mr Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, explained that often cold temperatures come after a relatively mild period in the UK.

He said: “The first thing to say is we’re definitely not out of Winter.

“And even into March, it has that capacity to lash you when you least expect it.

“This is bang in the middle of when you’d expect to see some of the coldest temperatures.

“The lag effect if you like.

“It’s what happens in the Summer – it’s the other way around – you sometimes get a really very nice September and sometimes even the Indian summer in October.

“It does happen in the exact opposite way around in winter, when you get the cold spikes into late February or March.

“I think it’s more likely to be the second and third weeks of February when we see that.

“What I’m seeing from the charts, you’d expect to see February be more changeable, more mixed in the medium term.

“Yes, with some wintry outbreaks at times. But I don’t expect them to last.

“I think they’ll be short-lived. Short-lived spikes, short-lived thrusts from north, north-easterly directions.”

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