UK Weather forecast TODAY – Met Office weather warnings as 65mph winds and two inches of rain batter Britain

THE Met Office has issued a weather warning as 65mph winds and two inches of rain batter Britain.

The weather warnings affect the south coast of England and south west of Scotland and will last until the weekend.

The Met Office said: "Rain and showers overnight Thursday into Friday will turn heavier and more persistent during Friday morning, along with a strengthening east to north easterly wind.

“Some places could receive 40 to 50mm over the course of 12 to 18 hours, most likely in the south of this region, combined with gusts of 45 to 55 mph inland during Friday morning rush hour. 

“Some coastal regions exposed to the south-east could experience gusts of 60 to 65mph."

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    Storms are set to thrash Britain this weekend, with wet and windy weather expected as we move into October.

    The UK will be hit with a 900-mile wide “Atlantic torment” until Saturday, prompting weather warnings from the Met Office.

    Parts of south-west Scotland will be hit today with torrential downpours, with up to 50mm of rainfall in some areas.

    Here's the Met Office weather map, for 4pm today:


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    The red planet will be a “striking object visible throughout the night,” the paper adds.

    While the closest approach is on October 6, the moment when “Sun, Earth and Mars line up is on the 13th.

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    Rain in the west – “heavy at times” – will move slowly eastwards, says the Met Office forecast for today.

    This morning has featured coastal gales in the west, while it's windy elsewhere.

    Brighter skies will follow across western parts this afternoon but there are also some showers.

    For tonight, the rain slowly clears eastwards but will “persist across parts of Scotland.

    “Clear spells follow but showers affect the southwest”.

    Heading into Thursday, it will turn chilly across Northern Ireland overnight, with frost and a few fog patches.



    Five storms are set to batter Britain this autumn – with a 70mph cyclone to smash the country later this week.

    The UK will be hit with strong winds from today and a 900-mile wide “Atlantic torment” from Thursday to Saturday.

    The Weather Company, the world’s biggest commercial forecaster, is predicting gusts of 60mph from midweek and 70mph into the weekend.

    Its experts have also forecast five named storms to hit this autumn and winter.

    After Aiden, the storms would be Bella, Christoph, Darcy and Evert.


    Today, heavy rain will be moving its way eastwards, after arriving in Northern Ireland overnight, says ITV meteorologist Laura Tobin.

    She said this morning that the rain “is now affecting much of western Scotland, western areas of England and across Wales.

    “It's a wet start [and] there's a lot of spray on the roads and all of this wet weather moves east.

    “If it isn't raining where you are in central and eastern areas of England, it will do later on this afternoon or through this evening as the rain band moves eastwards.”


    Bournemouth visitors and residents made the most of sunny weather, before heavy gusts and rain hit the country today.

    This was the idyllic scene at the coastal hotspot yesterday, as people enjoyed a blast of warmth and sunshine on the sand.

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