Ukraine braces for invasion of ‘millions’ of Russian soldiers set to march on Kyiv

Ukraine is bracing itself for the invasion of "millions" of Russians as Putin's invasion of their country intensifies.

Ukrainian Major-General Andrii Kovalchuk revealed that the country is anticipating a potential attack on the city in 2023.

He confirmed to Sky News: “We foresee such options, such scenarios. We are preparing for it. We live with the thought that they will attack again. This is our task.”

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Kyiv came under fire in February 2022, when President Vladamir Putin first waged war with neighbouring Ukraine.

However, its first attempt was unsuccessful with Ukrainian soldiers and civilians taking up arms to defend the capital.

It is thought that Russia hadn’t anticipated such a strong Ukrainian defence at the beginning of their invasion , which meant their unequipped army had to retreat.

Almost a year on, Major General Kovalchuk revealed motivation among Ukrainians to protect the city had remained, despite recent attacks plunging people into darkness and ridding residents of heating and running water across multiple cities.

He said: “We are preparing for it. We are investigating. We look at where they accumulate strength and means. We are preparing.”

Since Russia’s last failure, they’ve been able to occupy a clear path between Belarus – a close Russian ally – and Kyiv.

It’s also thought Russia has significantly bulked up its military to more than a million soldiers via conscription of Russian civilians and prisoners, sparking Russian men to leave the country.

Russian Lt-Col Mikhail Fotin announced that they intended to continue the conscription period for two years during a TV interview.

Fotin later denied plans, saying that they had been delayed until after a Russian’s transition period in which it aimed to return to a USSR-style state.

However, there has been speculation that Russia is waiting until the New Year to inform civilians that they will be sent to the front line. So far, more than 100,000 Russians are believed to have been killed or injured from Putin’s war.

Regardless, indications of Russian’s intentions to once again take on Kyiv with more man power, has prompted Ukraine to prepare to meet them with brute force.

“I believe that out position and the position of our partners today should be clear,” said Ukrainian Kovalchuk.

“If Putin carries out a full mobilisation, our partners are ready to provide us with all the force and means to stop not an army of 300,000, but an army of a million.”

He called allies – including the UK, the US, and Germany, to increase their current weapon supplies to include big guns and controversial cluster bombs.

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