Ukraine LIVE: Truss takes aim at ‘butcher of Bucha’ as top-secret ‘ghost drone’ fleet sent

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Lieutenant Colonel Azatbek Omurbekov has been sanctioned by the UK after committing “heinous” acts in Ukraine, as Liz Truss announced a crackdown on Vladimir Putin’s generals. Lieutenant Omurbekov – the commanding officer in the Russian army involved in the Bucha massacre in which 500 civilians are thought to have been killed in the Kyiv suburb – was named among 26 new sanctions announced by the Government. Ms Truss’ new moves target those “commanding the front line” with “Ukrainian blood on their hands”, according to the Foreign Office. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has announced it will send more than 120 top-secret “ghost drones” to support Ukrainian forces. Little is known about the Phoenix Ghost Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems, including their range and capabilities, but Pentagon spokesman John Kirby revealed it was primarily designed for striking targets.


Russians forced to take broken equipment home for repair, MoD says

As Russian forces continue in their eastern offensive, they are “still suffering from losses sustained earlier in the conflict”, the UK’s Ministry of Defence has said.

In its latest update, the ministry said that in order to “try and reconstitute their depleted forces” the Kremlin have “resorted to transiting inoperable equipment back to Russia for repair”.

They also said President Vladimir Putin’s decision to blockade the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol “indicates a desire to contain Ukrainian resistance” and “free up Russian forces”.

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