‘Unbelievably selfish’ Man has 10 Covid jabs in a DAY – revelation amid new Omicron rules

Omicron: Commuters have their say over coronavirus measures

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The man was allegedly paid to assume the identity of nine other people so they could update their medical records to state they had been vaccinated. Since the accusations surfaced the man has been branded “unbelievably selfish” by a medic. The news comes as fury explodes over Boris Johnson’s new Omicron emergency rules.

According to news outlet ‘Stuff’, the man reportedly visited a number of vaccination hubs in New Zealand over the course of a single day.

Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, Astrid Koornneef, a group manager for the Covid vaccine programme in New Zealand, advised that any person who has had more vaccine doses than recommended should seek clinical advice as soon as possible.

She added: “To assume another person’s identity and receive medical treatment is dangerous.

“This puts at risk the person who receives a vaccination under an assumed identity.

“It also puts at risk the person whose health record will show they have been vaccinated when they have not,”

In the UK there has been a daily jump in the amount of Omicron variant cases detected.

Experts are warning Omicron could cause between 25,000 to 75,000 deaths in England if no extra measures are brought in.

Boris Johnson has now announced a new booster target as he declares an “Omicron emergency”.

He added that the UK is facing a “tidal wave” of Omicron infections.

The Prime Minister has brought forward the vaccination target by a month, urging all adults to receive a third booster shot by the end of January to prevent the Omicron COVID-19 variant.

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He said that booster jabs will be made available to all adults above 18 this week.

The Prime Minister added that extra mobile vaccine sites will be established across England.

The UK’s COVID-19 alert level has risen to level 4.

The Government has brought in the Plan B coronavirus response requiring people attending large events to prove their vaccine status or a recent negative test result.

Now dozens of Tory backbenchers have expressed opposition to the new rules.

The Government may need to rely on Labour MPs to vote through their new Covid regulations.

Conservative MPs Tom Randall and Alicia Kearns have stated they will stage their first rebellion over Covid restrictions, such as the possibility of covid passports.

Speaking to the Guardian Mr Randall said: “The case for certification had not been made”.

Ms Kearns said that Covid passports were “being proposed before we receive a detailed assessment of the severity of the Omicron variant”.

She added: “I cannot justify the introduction of Covid-19 passports just in case and without the data, and given that evidence from other countries is that vaccine passports don’t work.”

Fury against new restrictions is spreading in the UK where one Twitter user, called Spenser Houghton, tweeted: “This has been consistently the message since day one of Project Fear in the UK.

“It is less to do with science more to do with the politics and getting those boosters in arms.

“We bought 100m plus dosses and we are going to use them regardless.”

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