Unsuspecting UK river is ‘world’s most dangerous’ with ‘100% mortality rate’

A stretch of rapid water on a seemingly calm UK river makes it the "world's most dangerous", with a reportedly 100% mortality rate.

The Strid at Bolton Abbey, in North Yorkshire, looks like a calm stretch of water which is so narrow brave visitors can jump across it.

But missing the jump can kill you, according to YouTuber Tom Scott.

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He says there are claims falling in the spot, which is a section of the River Wharfe, has a “100% fatality rate”.

Despite looking shallow, it is actually “extremely deep”, with powerful river currents.

The Strid is a famous spot on the River Wharfe close to Bolton Abbey where the river is forced through a narrow gap in the rocks.

In a video showing the river, Scott says: “I reckon it is the most dangerous stretch of water anywhere on Earth.

"There are certainly rivers that have taken more lives, and there are rapids and waterfalls that few boats could ever sail.

“But generally you can see them coming.

"This is just an innocent-looking stream in the middle of some woods, you could jump over it.

“People occasionally do, but if you miss that jump, it'll kill you."

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The river “turns on its side”, which gouges out “passages and tunnels” in the rocks below.

He added: “It’s a deep, boiling mass of fast and deadly currents.”

Anyone who falls in could end up “pulverised against the rocks and the water, over and over again”.

WorldAtlas describes the section as hiding “death traps” that have claimed lives for centuries and left “horrible memories” for survivors.

Mr Scott also said there are 12th century tales of a young boy set to be the future king of Scotland who died trying to jump across the water.

The YouTuber said it may be “survivable” with a lot of equipment and luck – but a young child drowned in 2010.

He concluded: "That's why it's so dangerous, it looks safe, it looks tempting, and it will kill you.”

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