Urgent warning for parents to keep kids safe in hot weather as common mistake could cost your tots their lives | The Sun

A HOME security expert has issued an urgent warning to parents over keeping kids safe in hot weather.

Locksmith Elizabeth Johns said that as the weather gets hotter – Brits may be inclined to keep the window open to let in a cool breeze.

But she stressed kids could be in danger of toppling out if mums and dads aren't careful.

Plus, an open window could leave you at risk of a break-in – as crooks target property weak spots.

Elizabeth – owner of Locksmith L & E Ltd – told the Sun: "We will always recommend that if you leave a property or go to bed at night, make sure your window is fully closed and locked.

"Both on the lower and upper floors.

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"It does get difficult because when the weather gets hotter we do tend to open our windows a lot to get a breeze through the house.

"It's not really in the forefront of our mind to close the windows, but we would urge people to do so if they can."

Elizabeth said that if homeowners must leave their windows open when they aren't in the room, there are security measures to take.

But she stressed this only applies to the upper floors of your home.

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Windows should be shut at all times on the ground floor for optimum security.

"If people did want to leave the windows open at night time – and on an upper floor – you can have window restrictors fitted.

"These allow you to keep the window open, but restrict them to a certain amount.

"The restrictors are good for security but also safety. It means a child won't accidentally fall out of the window.

"A few people have had them for pets as well, so they don't fall out."

Her best advice for Brits is get an electric fan, to ensure there's a cool breeze without the risk of an open window.

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