US man and Russian model arrested over death of webcam girl

American man, 38, is arrested alongside Russian model and another tourist over ‘sex, drugs and booze party’ death of webcam girl who fell 80-feet from balcony in Thailand

  • Russian model Natalia Kosenkova, 35, American Jamaal Smith, 38, and Jordanian Ahmad Alatoom, 28, were arrested in Thailand 
  • Webcam site star Evgenia Smirnova, 37,  died after being ‘pushed from eighth floor’
  • The three were charged with  ‘recklessness causing death’ and face 10 years
  • Smirnova’s death was first thought to be accidental, but the fall became suspicious after hair was found in Evgenia’s hand
  • Kosenkova died any wrongdoing and call her death an ‘unfortunate accident’ 

An American man has been charged alongside a Russian model and another tourist in the death of a webcam performer who fell 80 feet from an eighth-floor balcony in Thailand. 

American Jamaal Smith, 38, Russian model Natalia Kosenkova, 35, and Jordanian man Ahmad Alatoom, 28, face up to 10 years behind bars for the death of Evgenia Smirnova, 37. 

They were charged with ‘recklessness causing death’ after attending the party in Patong, where Smirnova died.

Smirnova was found in her underwear facedown with fatal head injuries and a broken leg after she plunged from an eighth floor fire exit after a dispute at a Phuket sex party last weekend. 

The medical examiner’s report said she had a high level of alcohol in her blood, the Bangkok Post reported. 

The webcam performer’s death was first thought accidental, but a clump of someone else’s hair was found in her hand, raising suspicions of foul play.

Model Natalia, 35, was arrested alongside American Jamaal Smith, 38, and Jordanian Ahmad Alatoom, also 28. They were charged with ‘recklessness causing death’ for the death of a webcam worker 

Evgenia Smirnova, 37, died after falling 80 feet from an eighth floor condo fire exit

Alatoom was held after seeking to board a flight out of Thailand following Smirnova’s death.

The three suspects were previously held on charges of drugs possession. 

Kosenkova said she didn’t ‘want to think about her’ because it is ‘very stressful for us.’

‘Our life is ruined,’ she said. ‘I am very sorry, very sorrowful. But I don’t want to keep anything in my memory about her.

‘It’s too bad, but I’m thinking about my life.’

Local reports, quoting police sources, revealed a ‘sex, drugs and alcohol party’ took place at the Emerald Terrace condo complex in Patong before Evgenia’s fall. 

The Emerald Terrace condo complex in Phuket, Thailand, was the scene of Evgenia’s death

Police Major General Sermphan Sirikhon said officers considered three possibilities: an accident, suicide or murder. 

Cops tested the clump of hair found in the victim’s hand for DNA, but did not disclose the results.

Model, DJ and dental assistant Kosenkova originally called her death an ‘unfortunate accident.’ 

‘The only thing I can say is that this was an unfortunate incident, but it was not a murder, and none of the people involved are to blame,’ she said, according to the New York Post.  

She also claimed she didn’t ‘know’ the woman ‘until that evening.’  

‘I didn’t know the girl, she just came to the party where we were,’ she said, according to the New York Post. ‘And she called her friend [Alatoom], who came, too, and behaved inappropriately. I can say that me and my friend [Smith], who I have known for a long time, behaved with dignity and decency.’ 

‘None of the people involved are to blame. I’m an ordinary tourist. 

‘It was a regular boozefest – someone dies here every day.’

Kosenkova said authorities ‘trust’ them and she wasn’t ‘worried.’  

Kosenkova, 35, also a Russian citizen, was an eyewitness of Evgenia Smirnova’s tragic fall

The incident took place at Patong, Phuket, which is known for its red-light district (file photo)

Condom wrappers and finely-ground cannabis were found on the scene.

Originally from Nizhny Novgorod, western Russia, Smirnova lived in Moscow.

Investigations are still ongoing.

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