US tourist left fuming by ‘smelly’ Brit landmark because it has no toilets

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    Despite it being one of the most picturesque climbing spots in the United Kingdom, a Welsh beauty spot has got people talking for all the wrong reasons.

    While most climbers are blown away by the stunning views of Yr Wyddfa, Wales, it's clearly not for everybody.

    Most reviews of the Welsh mountain on Tripadvisor rank it very highly with 98% rating it either 'excellent' or 'very good'.

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    But some not-so-positive reviews left on the website include complaints of the smell and lack of toilets, with 21 angry visitors taking to the review website to air there grievances.

    A Tripadvisor from New York called Adhsz W complained: "There are no lavatories for all those who climb up and trek back.

    "People seem to relieve themselves out in the open giving a whiff of urine smell everywhere in this hillside."

    Whilst Richard A said: "Every rock you go behind smells of wee or has human excrement behind it, I walked behind a building at the top to find some poor woman taking a dump.

    "Lots of visitors here so it’s building up into a veritable sewage fest."

    Another view was exceptionally out of the ordinary as Kizaaa complained about the scenery: "I did the Pyg track there and back and found the ascent horrific – so exhausting. Rubbish views of ugly rocks and a couple lakes sometimes, would never do it again."

    But, the disgruntled climbers upset by the lack of toilets will be pleased to hear that Hafod Eryri, the cafe at the summit of Yr Wyddfa, is set to reopen again soon, after closing in 2019.

    It will reopen on 13 May.

    It was voted last November that the mountain and the national park it's in will no longer be referred to by its English name of Snowdon and will instead go by it's Welsh name of Yr Wyddfa.


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