Video footage captures fight between fans at Steelers and Lions game

Wild brawl breaks out at Steelers and Lions game after woman SLAPS man across face

  •  Video footage from a pre-season Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions game captured a pair of angry fans in the stands of Heinz Field 
  • They got into a fight after the female fan slapped the male one on the side of the face on August 21
  • Another male fan in a hat got involved as the men began exchanging fists after the slap victim attempted to attack the woman
  •  The fight was then stopped after fellow fans tried to calm down both parties
  •  A similar incident occurred at a Los Angeles Rams and Chargers game a few weeks before in which a group of men got involved in a massive brawl

Shocking video footage captured the moment a brawl broke out at a pre-season Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions game after a woman slapped a man in the face at Heinz Field. 

The video begins as a blonde woman in a white tank top and a black man in a white T-shirt yell at each other at the August 21 game, with the woman yelling at the man to ‘Shut up and get the f**k out!’  

The woman swings her fist at the man who catches it before it hits him and says ‘Don’t touch me.’ 

The fight then erupted when he shoved her and the woman responded by slapping the man across the side of the face, who then leaped forward in an attempt to strike back.

A fight erupted between a male and a female fan at a pre-season Steelers and Lions game after the woman slapped him in the face

A man in a hat beside the woman then attempted to interfere as he tried to keep him away from her.

The man in the white shirt then pushed the woman to the ground and a fight between the two men ensued as they began violently exchanging their fists. 

The woman leaped back to her feet to get between the men after the man in the white shirt aggressively pushed the man in the hat straight into his seat. 

The man in the white shirt attempted to push the woman away as she kicked him with her shoe.

The brawl begin with the woman yelling something along the lines of ‘shut up and get the f–k out!’ at the man

The woman then attempted to throw a punch as the man caught it and said ‘don’t touch me’ as he pushed her fist away

After the slap, the fight went in full swing as the male fan got involved and the two men began swinging their fists at each other

A man in a Steelers jersey appeared to approach the man in the white shirt to calm him down and reason with him.

 The woman then began to yell at him while a man another male fan interfered and then in turn tried to calm her down while pushing the man in the hat out of the way.

Shouts from the crowd can be heard as they exclaimed ‘She slapped him! She slapped him in the face.’ 

The woman then yelled at the man in the hat to sit down as she watched the man in the white shirt in front. 

The man in the hat began hitting the other to keep him away from the woman

The woman got in between the exchange she bridged herself between them in an attempt to stop it 

A couple of onlookers began to get in between the group in order to calm them down and keep them away from one another

Viewers took to Twitter and appeared to defend the man as the woman seemed to be the cause of the fight as she initiated physical contact first

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on the incident, with many in support of the male rather than the female fan.

One user said: ‘Damn that dude knows how to fight! He should be applying for MMA this dude’s got game!’

Another said: ‘Slapping a Black man in the face. say it the way it is. She the white woman slapped him FIRST!!! disgusting and everyone around should be ashamed!!! in front of kids. yuk.’

‘If I got knocked out cus my wife starting s–t, we getting divorced,’ another humorously said.      

The cause of the situation has not been identified as no one seems to know why the fight occurred in the first place, according to TMZ. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers won the game over the Detroit Lions on August 21 as they scored 26-20

This is not the first incident a brawl has broken out at an NFL game recently.

TMZ also reported another fight that occurred at a Los Angeles Rams and Chargers game on August 14. 

The video seemed to capture the middle of the fight as a huddle was already formed with two men in the center.

When the one man had his back turned, a drink went flying and hit him in the shoulder which resulted in a massive brawl between multiple fans. 

Security managed to get in the middle as other fans in the stands were shouting and gasping.

One man left the brawl sporting a black eye and no shirt.  

Another fight ensued at a Los Angeles Rams and Chargers game between a group of fans that quickly turned violent after someone chucked a drink at the shoulder of another 

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