Video shows masked man ‘mining’ Putin’s military helicopters inside…

Russia: Video shows man allegedly sabotage military helicopters

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The unknown man can be seen in a clip gaining access to Veretye Airbase, in the western Pskov Oblast in Russia and can be seen planting what appear to be explosives on Russian military helicopters. New satellite images have shown that the saboteur was successful in his mission, with a conflagration being reported and at least three helicopters damaged.

Sharing the clip with her viewers, CNN anchor Ana Cabrera said: “We’re getting some new video, I wanna show you.

“Alledging showing Putin’s military helicopters being sabotaged deep inside Russia, more than 600miles from Ukraine.

“You can see an unidentified man appearing to prepare and planting explosives onto an aircraft.

“And at times he holds what could be a timer to his ear.”

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Ms Cabrera added: “CNN has traced this video to an airfield in Russia.

“Explosions were reported that night, and a satellite image later shows several damaged helicopters there.

“Ukraine is not directly saying whether or not it’s responsible for this attack.

“But says the explosions were the result of mining and that three helicopters were destroyed.”

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Veretye Airbase was reported to of been penetrated from around 15 miles away from the Russian border with Estonia.

The Russian airbase is located 500 miles away from Ukraine.

A Russian official has claimed that security was lacking on Veretyre Airbase, making it easier for such an attack to be carried out.

He told Radio Free Europe: “It’s fairly easy to get into that military unit, there is zero security. You can get to any of the nearby villages and walk to the runway.”


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Western officials have also been speculating that Putin might sabotage energy supplies for countries in Europe this winter.

The head of analysis, energy and climate intelligence unit, Dr Simon Cran-McGreehin told exclusively: “This reflects just how seriously the Government is taking the risks that are being caused by the ongoing gas crisis, and obviously, we’ll depend a lot on whether the winter is cold.

“If it is, then we’ll have to use more gas. But across the continent, other countries will be using more gas, so we’ll be less able to buy extra gas.

“There is also a possibility that Russia causes further disruption in supplies, meddling in different ways like they have for the past year.”

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