Videos emerge of Chinese cops ‘barricading sick people inside their apartments’

Police in China have been accused of barricading infected people inside their homes in a desperate bid to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Shocking footage from inside the disease-hit country appears to show a group of men nailing wooden planks over a door as people from the inside shout.

The clips were reportedly filmed in an apartment block in Beijing as government officials confirmed the death toll inside China is now over 300.

In a separate video, two people wearing masks can be seen boarding up a block of flats to prevent people from entering or leaving.

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As the clip goes on, two people wearing face masks can be seen watching them from the balcony.

It is believed officials are locking families inside their homes as a way to form a make shift isolation block.

Images from inside coronavirus infected regions paint a dystopian picture with deserted streets and ransacked shops.

Disturbing footage of people falling unconscious in the street has also emerged, showing the sheer extent of the crisis.

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Concerned individuals have shared their concern over the footage urging the community to "come out and support each other" amid the outbreak.

One Twitter user claimed: "The Chinese are locking down those, who happen to have visited Wuhan.

"Locking down, leaving them to starve and die is cold blooded murder".

The Hunan Seafood Market in Wuhan is believed to be the "ground zero" for the viral condition that has spread to over 14,300 people globally.

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