Violent clashes outside hotel as anti-migrant protesters hold demo

Violent clashes erupt outside migrant hotel in Newquay as anti-migrant protesters hold demo

  • They were met with counter protesters in the Cornish town on Sunday, March 26
  • Around 200 asylum seekers are being housed at the seafront Beresford Hotel 

Violent clashes have erupted outside a hotel housing asylum seekers in Newquay as anti and pro-migrant protesters came face to face.

Police were forced to intervene as the violence broke outside the Beresford Hotel, which is currently being used to house around 200 migrants.

Around 50 anti-migrant demonstrators gathered in the area today, while about 150 pro-migrant protesters were massed outside the front of the hotel.

Two people have been arrested by Devon and Cornwall Police after violence broke out at around 1pm, and it is believed at least one person has been injured.

At the demonstration today anti-migrant protesters held placards saying ‘Illegal migrants given hotel rooms while local homeless left on the streets’ and ‘Close migrant hotels. House local people first. Stop immigration now.’

Violence broke out at the demonstrations in Newquay, Cornwall, this afternoon with police having to intervene

Anti-migrant protesters gather on the seafront outside the Beresford Hotel in Newquay on Sunday, March 26

Pro-refugee demonstrators – joined by black-clad anti-fascists – held signs saying ‘Cornwall against racism – no place for hate!’ and ‘Refugees welcome here’.

A reporter from local outlet Cornwall Live said they witnessed a local woman being assaulted by a member of the anti-fascist group, with the culprit disappearing into the crowd.

Police were forced to intervene, with officers physically holding back migrant supporters from getting closer to the anti-migrant protesters.

Pro-migrant demonstrators chanted at the rival group, shouting ‘You’re s**t and you know you are’, ‘Antifascists’, ‘Refugees are welcome here’ and ‘From the Tamar to the sea, refugees are welcome here’.

Meanwhile, the anti-migrant group aimed insults back, shouting ‘Why are you hiding your faces, you communists?’, ‘Are you hiding because you’re peppered with acne?’ and ‘Masked up communists supporting illegal immigrants who grifted their way over here leaving their women and children behind’.

The road in front of the hotel was closed by police while they tried to get control of the crowds. 

Two people were arrested on suspicion of assault, while two others were issued with dispersal anti social behaviour notices. Police said the majority of people acted peacefully during the protest.

A woman from the group opposed to refugees told Cornwall Live: ‘We are standing here peacefully. They took the road, which is legal. They are pushing their way through.

Pro-migrant demonstrators gather outside the Beresford Hotel to counter the anti-asylum seeker protest

A man stood inside the hotel makes a love heart gesture with his hands during today’s protests

Police try to stop anti-fascist protesters from getting closer to the anti-refugee demonstration

‘There’s two homeless men in the shelter you can see from here who have nothing. They are doing everything in that shelter. They’ve been to the council for help and got refused.

‘We have people here getting everything paid for and humiliating our government by complaining that it’s disgraceful. Everybody has a right to complain.

‘We’re protesting but not allowed to have our say. We’re not listened to.’

She added: ‘The government is not listening.’

MailOnline has contacted Devon and Cornwall Police for comment.

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