Wagner boss claims to have ‘mystery’ plan with European mercenary recruitment

The founder of Russia’s Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, claims to have a 'mystery' as he hopes his brigades will “soon make it even to European territory of the globe.”

According to the Daily Beast, the mercenary group has set up mobile brigades to patrol shopping centres, car parks and restaurants on the hunt for new recruits as they were planning to shift focus from Ukraine to Africa.

It comes after the recruitment drive was sidelined from prison recruiting.

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Forces, clad in Wagner-branded vehicles, are also sweeping several areas of Russia in hope of finding new additions.

Recently they have ventured to areas like Sverdlovsk, Murmansk, and Irkutsk. As well as the Krasnoyarsk region in Siberia and Yakutia in the Far East.

Prigozhin told the publication that Wagner could start to recruit in Europe as he expects the brigades to “soon make it even to European territory of the globe.”

He previously spoke about how new recruits will be killed in battle before they can spend any of that money – with salaries at the £2380 mark, according to a recruitment video.

In a video filmed in front of a cemetery in the Krasnodar Krai on Thursday (April 6), Prigozhin stood before rows and rows of freshly filled graves and admitted that “here they are continuing to bury Wagner fighters.”

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“Yes, it’s growing,” he said, because “those who go to war sometimes die.”

The cemetery, he said, will be turned into a “memorial for future generations.”

Residents have received recruitment propaganda in the post, some of which had been shared on social media.

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It reads: “We ask that you inform all those who might be interested in working for Wagner about this letter.”

The adverts have also been published online, and according to the Daily Beast, have reportedly been seen on porn websites.

One online advert featured a woman asking a man where he “learned” to be so good in bed, to which he replied, “Wagner.”

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