Wagner Group castrate mercenary for trying to surrender

Ukraine: Military forces strike Wagner mercenaries

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A Wagner mercenary was brutally castrated by his fellow fighters for trying to either retreat or surrender to Ukrainian forces in the war. The revelation was included in a Ukrainian intelligence report obtained by CNN which highlighted the extreme and brutal tactics of the Wagner Group. Over the course of the war in Ukraine, Russia has increasingly relied on the paramilitary forces led by oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, a close ally of Vladimir Putin.

Ukrainian intelligence services picked up intercepted calls between Russian fighters on the frontline.

In one, a soldier is heard talking about another who tried to give himself up to the Ukrainians but was punished severely.

The Russian troop can be heard saying: “The Wagnerians caught him and cut his f****** balls off.”

The call, which was recorded in December 2022, was only just released this week.

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The intelligence report detailed Mr Prigozhin’s ruthless approach to making battlefield gains.

It revealed that Wagner mercenaries are not allowed to help injured comrades and are also not allowed to retreat.

The report reads: “Assault groups do not withdraw without a command. Unauthorized withdrawal of a team or without being wounded is punishable by execution on the spot

“Assault infantry is not allowed to carry the wounded off the battlefield on their own, as their main task is to continue the assault until the goal is achieved.

Russia: Convicts reportedly pardoned by Wagner group

“If the assault fails, retreat is also allowed only at night.”

The Wagner Group, designated by the US as a transnational criminal organisation, comprises of former elite soldiers and prisoners who give 180 days of service in return for a pardon for their crimes.

Olga Romanova, who is the head of a Russian NGO protecting the rights of convicts has claimed that around 43,000 Wagner mercenaries have been killed on the frontline in Ukraine so far.

Ms Romanova added that thousands of prisoner recruits have also “deserted.”


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However, the Ukrainian intelligence report stated that mass casualties among Wagner forces do not impact Russian society as the fighters are seen as cannon fodder.

It read: “The deaths of thousands of Wagner soldiers do not matter to Russian society.”

Wagner fighters were seen to have been heavily involved in taking Soledar, a few miles northeast of Bakhmut, where fighting still rages.

Meanwhile, earlier today both Ukraine’s military and Russia’s Wagner private military group are claiming to have control in the area of Blahodatne in the eastern part of the Donetsk region.

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