Washington cops searching for suspect who attempted to kidnap barista

Terrifying moment truck driver with Chevrolet tattoo on his arm tries to abduct bikini-barista from drive-thru window at Beankini Espresso hut

  •  A bikini-wearing barista was nearly abducted early Monday in Washington
  •  The suspect grabbed the woman’s arm and tried to restrain her with zip ties 
  •  The victim fought off her attacker before the predator drove away 
  •  Auburn police are still searching for the suspect 
  •  Anyone with information is asked to contact Auburn PD Tip Line 253-288-7403

Here is the terrifying moment a bikini-barista working the drive-thru is nearly abducted by a truck driving tattooed-man armed with zip ties early Monday morning in Washington. 

Video surveillance shows the man pulling up to the window in a truck around 5am at the Beankini Espresso Auburn, a drive-thru coffee shop located in a suburb near Seattle.

The suspect is seen grabbing the woman’s arm with one hand while holding a looped zip tie device in the other – before he attempts to drag the victim out of the window. 

The woman fights back and eventually sets herself free before the man quickly speeds off with some dollar bills falling to the ground.

Police say the man tried to ‘abduct a barista during the early morning hours’ and is still on the loose.  

Beakini Espresso is a business that caters to coffee and espresso lovers 

The victim, who asked not to be identified, told DailyMail.com through Facebook that she has worked as a barista at Beankini Espresso for nine years and said that Monday’s incident was a ‘random act’ that had never happened before.

She said the company, which is female-owned,  puts employee safety first and the shop is equipped with a silent panic button, metal doors and surveillance cameras.

She described the work atmosphere as nurturing and professional and says her boss is ‘like a mother to us all’ who ‘treats  us with the best and upmost respect.’  

The employees are also provided with mace and tasers. 

‘Our owner allows us to shut the window on any customer and handle every situation in the way we feel comfortable. We are allowed to refuse service to anyone for any reason,’ she said.

Beankini Espresso located in Auburn, Washington is a female-owned business that serves coffee and espresso through a drive-thru window. Pictured: a former employee of Beankini Espresso, not the victim

An employee poses for the now-deactivated Facebook page for Beankini Espresso

A ‘now hiring’ listing for Beankini Espresso was listed on their now-deactivated Facebook page

On Monday morning when the incident occurred, she said the man ordered a drink and paid for it before requesting change for a $5 bill. She said when she went back to give him the five one dollar bills, he grabbed her. 

 She said she, nor her longtime co-workers, had never seen the suspect before. 

‘I trust the police will find this predator and hopefully won’t do it again to any children or young women,’ she said. ‘He was going to do this to someone it just happened to be me… It could have been so much worse.’ 

The terrifying moment the attempted abduction is about to take place 

The barista is scene handing the suspect cash back before he rips out zip ties and attempts to drag her through the drive-thru window

Moments later that predator drives off after the women fights off her attacker. Police are now looking for the male suspect and asking anyone with information to contact them 

The male suspect has a large tattoo on his left forearm that reads:  ‘Chevrolet.’  The suspect remains at large, according to KOMO News .

When DailyMail.com contacted the Auburn Police Department they were unavailable for comment.  

Auburn police are now asking the public anyone with information to contact the Auburn PD Tip Line at 253-288-7403. 

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