We're furious after our carefully separated recycling was mixed into ONE bin… now we're taking things into our own hands | The Sun

LOCALS have been left furious after their carefully separated recycling was mixed into one bin by refuse collectors.

Those living in Canterbury in Kent have now taken the fight to the council, asking why they need to sort their rubbish if it's just going to the same place.

Footage taken by Martin Johnson, one annoyed resident, showed workers piling the contents from four separate bins into one giant orange one.

It shows the binman walking up to Mr Johnson's neatly stacked pile of boxes – in which he'd separated out cardboard, glass and plastic.

Dragging behind himself a large orange bin, the worker quickly starts emptying Mr Johnson's boxes into it.

He then drags the bin back over to a waiting lorry.

Mr Johnson, a former binman himself, claimed workers were making a "mockery" of those who followed the rules.

The 66-year-old told Kent Online: "It makes me furious. I assume they take it to the recycling site and tip it up altogether.

"I thought they would put the cardboard in one part of the truck and the rest in the other. It made me so annoyed that I phoned them.

"I told them: 'That's it. I'm not sorting out my recycling anymore and I'm going to chuck it all into one bin'."

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But he claimed the council told him if he didn't separate the recycling, it wouldn't be collected.

The council has previously revealed more than 670 tonnes of contaminated recycling had to be sent to landfill in 2021 because of "irresponsible" householders.

A spokesman for Canterbury City Council said: "We thank Mr Johnson for making us aware of these incidents and apologise to him.

"Clearly it is not acceptable for this to happen when residents have spent their time carefully separating their recycling. 

"We can reassure Mr Johnson that this will be fully investigated and appropriate action taken."

It comes after an expert revealed the right way to sort your recycling.

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