We're UK's first gay dads – we're expecting triplets to make it NINE kids and we want three names on birth certificate

BRITAIN'S first gay dads are expecting triplets – and they want three names on the birth certificate.

Dad of six Barrie Drewitt-Barlow is having triplets with his new fiancé Scott Hutchinson AND his ex, Tony, according to The Sunday Mirror.

Barrie, 51, and Tony, 56, already have five kids together and Barrie and Scott, 26, also have a daughter, 15-month-old Valentina.

Barrie and Tony, who became civil partners in 2006, made history in 1999 when they became the first same-sex couple to be listed as "parent one" and "parent two" instead of "mother" and "father" on the birth certificate of their twins.

The dads won an historic court battle to get their names listed, which was a huge breakthrough for the LGBTQ+ community.

Twins Saffron and Aspen were conceived using both men's sperm and a donor egg from the US.

Since then, the family have spent £1 million growing their brood, with Orlando, now 17, born in 2003.

Orlando is technically triplet to older siblings Saffron and Aspen, but the egg and sperm was kept on ice.

Then came ten-year-old twins Jasper and Dalllas in 2010.

Barrie and Tony married in 2014 but separated three years later – with Barrie going on to become engaged to his former PA, Scott, and Tony meeting his new partner, Brent.

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Scott is the ex-boyfriend of the couple's daughter, Saffron.

They all remain friends and even live together in their £6million, 10-bedroom Florida mansion, with Tony and Brent shacked up in a separate wing.

Barrie and Scott's daughter, Valentina, who was conceived using both of their sperm, was born in 2020.

Barrie told The Sunday Mirror: "I never thought I would be going down this road again but I’m so in love with Scott and have so enjoyed having Valentina, that when Scott said he’d love to do it again I jumped at the chance. And here we are, pregnant yet again. I love it."

The triplets will be conceived using a mix of all three of the dads' sperm – the family don't screen their kids at birth to see whose DNA ended up fertilising the egg.

And now they want all three dads' names on the triplets certificate – and are prepared to go back to court to push it through.

Barrie said: "If I have three children we will have parent one, two and three and I will challenge the law again.”

The dad-of-six said it feels "amazing" to have been a trailblazer for LGBTQ+ families.

The unconventional family are planning to celebrate their soon-to-come bundles of joy with a "superextravagant" Christmas.

Everyone will get new cars and flash presents – with an unlimited budget for kids to choose what they please.

The Brit dads are also building a UK-base for their growing brood, a mega mansion in Essex with bedrooms for all the kids.

They have set aside £1.5million for room décor alone.

Barrie and Tony are worth £100million from property, Bitcoin investments and medical research including pioneering Covid vaccines and trials.

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