What are the Huggy Wuggy videos and what have the police said about them?

PARENTS have been warned by police to protect their children from videos of terrifying Huggy Wuggy.

Creepy killer teddy bear Huggy Wuggy can be found on TikTok and children have been reenacting his videos.

What are the Huggy Wuggy videos?

Huggy Wuggy was the villain in a 2021 video game called Poppy Playtime.

The character is also known as Experiment-1006 and has razor sharp teeth and stands around 10 foot tall.

Videos of this villainous bear have appeared on YouTube and TikTok, with Huggy telling the viewer to "take their last breath".

The creepy blue bear sings: "I could hug you here forever, til you breathe your last breath together."

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Since the game has no age rating on YouTube or Roblox, children of all ages can see this jump scare creature.

What have the police said about Huggy Wuggy videos?

The police have warned that children have been whispering Huggy's words to each other and acting out the violence seen in the game.

They advised that it is not appropriate for children to watch any Huggy Wuggy videos.

Chris Conroy, cyber protection officer for Dorset Police said: "There are videos people have made, songs people have made, and it's popping up all over YouTube and TikTok using this quite graphic imagery of this bear-like character with razor sharp teeth.

"It's based around jump scares and things you certainly wouldn't want children exposed to."

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How can I stop my child watching Huggy Wuggy videos?

Since the videos do not get picked up by age rating blocks it can be hard to make sure your child is watching them.

Be vigilant and if you see a video featuring Huggy Wuggy block the channel or user if possible.

Unless your child is actively searching for the sharp-toothed bear the algorithms should phase out it's appearance.

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If you are more concerned, speak to your child about Huggy Wuggy and ask if they are aware of them.

Let them know that the videos are not appropriate for them and suggest they watch something else instead.

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