What can Labour do to recover from its election massacre? Next to nothing

Fatal flaw in Starmer party

WHAT can Labour do to recover from its latest massacre?

Next to nothing.

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The biggest threat to Boris Johnson — in England, anyway — is Boris Johnson.

We are not talking about him being caught out in confected scandals over soft furnishings.

Voters couldn’t care less about them.

We are talking about the PM now delivering on his promises.

Keir Starmer has nothing new to offer the Blue Wall seats he must win back.

Boris is a big-spender treading all over Labour’s turf.

Starmer’s only prayer is to prove in three years’ time that the Tories reneged on every levelling-up pledge.

So Boris cannot succumb to complacency.

That said, he is allowed a day or two to celebrate Thursday’s extraordinary triumph — a cementing of the political revolution of 2019.

How did he manage it?

He “got Brexit done” — enabling him then to oversee a world-beating vaccine rollout free from the EU’s sluggish incompetence.

The resulting “bounceback” boom now being forecast won’t have hurt either.

His jobs and investment promises proved hugely popular, like his Tory mayors.

And he cashed in on the Brexit Party’s demise, hoovering up its support.


Boris is a proven winner, a charismatic magnet for voters.

Starmer, by stark contrast, is a droid with no policies.

He has spent a year jumping foolishly on woke bandwagons, sniping in hindsight at Government failings and trying in vain to sell a Tory sleaze scandal to a bemused, eye-rolling public.

In Brexit-backing Hartlepool they recalled him as the man who plotted to negate their votes.

They remembered him trying to install anti-Semitic Marxist Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

Then watched him impose a rejected Remainer as his candidate for their MP.

Labour is in deep trouble. Its union backers are fading into irrelevance.

Its core voters are well-off metropolitan liberal Remainer graduates who naively romanticise socialism and all its miseries and despise the patriotic working-class the party needs to lure back.

Starmer cannot appeal to both.

He could focus on the latter, as Caroline Flint suggests, and purge the Left, but not without gifting maybe millions of millennial votes to the Greens.

He could give up on the Blue Wall and bet the farm on the woke city vote. But there isn’t nearly enough of it for power.

Labour says it will learn lessons.

It won’t.

It will retreat to its safe space, Twitter, to revel in hate for its opponents — every tweet toxifying the party further.

Starmer can only hope Boris fails in England or runs aground in Scotland, where Nicola Sturgeon’s independence obsession looks a far bigger threat.

Boris cannot rest.

He must level-up.

He must build homes by the million and hope to win more young voters.

And he must fight Sturgeon tooth and nail to keep the UK together.

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