What executive orders is President Joe Biden signing today, Tuesday February 2, 2021?

PRESIDENT Joe Biden has sign more than a dozen executive orders since taking office on January 20.

To date, President Biden has signed a record 25 executive orders within his two weeks in office, the most by a new president in modern US history.

What executive orders are Biden signing today?

On February 2, 2021, President Biden will sign executive orders to launch a task force to reunite families separated at the border under Donald Trump administration.

Biden's latest executive orders will also begin a review of a Trump-era program that has forced tens of thousands of people to remain in Mexico while their asylum cases are processed.

Biden's actions are part of his latest effort to undo former President Trump's immigration legacy and offer a sharp change on the issue.

“Fully remedying [Trump’s] actions will take time and require a full government approach,” an administration official said in a briefing with reporters on February 1.

“But President Biden has been very clear about restoring compassion and order to our immigration system and correcting the divisive, inhumane and immoral policies of the last four years,” the official said, adding that Biden’s action's was “just the beginning.”

What time is he signing them?

President Biden will sign the executive orders at 5pm in the Brady press briefing room of the White House.

Vice President Kamala Harris will also be in attendance, as the gathering will start at 4:40pm.

What executive orders has Biden already signed?

Within his first two weeks in office, President Biden has signed 25 executive orders, 10 presidential memos, and four proclamations.

Trump signed seven executive orders in January 2017 and President Barack Obama signed nine in January 2009.

Some of the executive orders Biden has signed are as follow:

  • On Covid-19: Biden signed an executive order requiring people to wear protective facemasks on federal property, while he also extended a pause on federal student loan payments and interest until at least Sept. 30.
  • On immigration: Biden halted the construction of Trump's border wall between the US and Mexico, and eliminated a Trump-era ban on immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries.
  • On the Climate Change: Biden signed a sweeping list of executive orders aimed at climate change, including halting the Keystone XL pipeline and re-committing the US to the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • On equality: Biden ended Trump's ban on transgender military members.
  • On the economy: Biden is moving to extend a federal moratorium on evictions and has asked agencies, including the Agriculture, Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development Departments, to prolong a moratorium on foreclosures on federally guaranteed mortgages that was enacted in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

What have other politicians said about Biden's executive order frenzy?

The president's executive order frenzy drew applause from supporters hoping Biden would reverse many of Trump's previous policies.

However, Biden's actions have also drew criticism from oppositions.

"You can't govern with a pen and a phone," Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn tweeted.

Another Republican, Lauren Boebert, pleaded for someone to "please hide the pens" at the White House.

On January 27, The New York Times editorial board wrote an op-ed, titled: "Ease up on the Executive Actions, Joe."

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