What happened to Keith Bennett and why did Moors murderer Ian Brady not reveal where his victim was buried?

VICTIM of the Moors Murderers, the young Keith Bennett's body has never been found. 

He was the only one of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley's five victims whose final resting place was never revealed by the pair.

What happened to Keith Bennett?

Keith Bennett was on his way to his grandmother’s house on June 16, 1964, when he was snatched away by the couple.

Hindley lured the 12-year-old boy into her van.

She drove to a lay-by on the Moor and Brady took the boy while Hindley kept watch.

Brady reappeared 30 minutes later having sexually assaulted and strangled Keith.

Why didn't Brady reveal where Keith Bennett is buried?

Keith’s family have wondered for years where their little lad was buried.

On the 50th anniversary of his life sentence, Ian Brady was urged to finally name the spot where he killed and buried Keith Bennett but he did not reveal it.

The serial killer had remained silent about the 12 year-old’s whereabouts since he was jailed and was branded “wicked beyond belief” by a judge on 6 May, 1966.

The depraved murderer died of cancer at 79, and with him died the last chance to find out where the boy's body lies.

It emerged that Brady even refused to co-operate with police on his death bed as they made one last attempt to get him to reveal where Keith's body was.



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Family lawyer John Ainley told Good Morning Britain: “The police spoke to me in the course of the evening, and they were trying to have access to his papers.

“That’s difficult without consent from his solicitors and a court order. They (the police) were trying, I think, to implore Brady at this very late stage to pass on any information or documents to them so they could carry out a meaningful search of the Moors.”

The lawyer has often joined Keith’s brother Alan to walk the moors searching for clues as to his final resting place.

He said both he and Alan had written to Brady in an attempt to get more information about what happened to Keith, but said he believed the "manipulative and controlling" killer instead "wanted to take this information to the grave".

Solicitor John had asked Brady to show some compassion and finally pinpoint the grave.

He said: “Now that half a century is nigh, it’s time for you to end the hurt, misery and speculation and do the honourable by revealing Keith’s final resting place.

“He is the only one of your five victims still buried on the Moors so you should do the honourable thing by telling us the truth about his fate and last moments.

"By your own admission you are ill and don't have much time left to live, so surely it would be a humane gesture on your part to finally reveal the truth.

"Please God, you won't take the secret to your own grave. You have spent 50 years in jails and psychiatric hospitals so what have you got too lose by being upfront with us?"

John, 68, added: “At this late stage it would be good for you to give us fresh information about Keith's grave so that we, and Alan in particular, can have a degree of peace. Surely, it’s the least you owe us?”

Brady and Hindley were convicted of killing John Kilbride, 12, Lesley Ann Downey, 10, and 17-year-old Edward Evans.

While locked up he later admitted to the murders of Keith and 16-year-old Pauline Reade.

Keith’s mum, Winnie Johnson, died from cancer in 2012 having never learnt the truth.

What is the letter Ian Brady wrote about Keith Bennett?

Brady is believed to have written a letter to Keith's mum which could the key to discovering where he buried the lad.

The Moors Murderer's mental health advocate Jackie Powell claims she received the letter in a sealed envelope.

She told a Channel 4 documentary it should only be passed onto Winnie in the event of his death.

Police investigating the claims arrested Ms Powell on suspicion of preventing the lawful burial of a body.

Officers carried out a 10-hour search of her home near Llanelli, South Wales, and seized piles of documents.

Ms Powell was later released and no further action taken.

It is believed she told cops she had since returned the letter to Brady.

In December 2012 police discovered an envelope with the words "to be opened in the event of my death" written on the front – however, there was no letter inside.

Speaking in February 2013, Martin Bottomley, of Greater Manchester Police, said: "As soon as we were made aware of the existence of this alleged letter, we made exhaustive attempts to obtain it to establish whether or not its contents would assist us in finding Keith's body.

"That resulted in the warrants we carried out in the South Wales area and at Ashworth Hospital in August 2012.

"However, despite seizing numerous documents and a search of Brady's cell, no such letter has been recovered.

"That in itself does not prove or disprove the letter's existence – it might have been destroyed, it might be hidden elsewhere, it may be in someone else's possession, or it may simply never have existed in the first place and this has been yet more mind games by Brady."

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