What we know about two men wanted by police after girl, 9, shot dead

Police are on the hunt for two men involved in the incident in which nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel, as they release more info about the duo.

Olivia died after being shot in the chest as she stood behind her mum Cheryl at her home on Kingsheath Avenue in Dovecot, Liverpool, when a gunman chased two other males from the street to her home.

The man frantically tried to enter Cheryl's home when she opened the door to see what was going on in the street, police said.

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The gunman fired towards the door as Cheryl battled to keep the men out, but the youngster was fatally hit. Cheryl also took a bullet to the wrist.

Police remain on the hunt for the gunman and another man, who was shot at on Kingsheath Avenue at around 10pm last night (Monday, August 22).

Chief Constable Serena Kennedy and Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Kameen, Head of Investigations, gave more details about the two men during a press conference this lunchtime where Olivia's name was confirmed.

Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Kameen said: "Following detectives working throughout last night, we now believe that at around 10pm two men were walking along Kingsheath Avenue from the direction of Finch Lane.

"At that time they were approached by a lone person, potentially a male, who was wearing a black padded jacket, a black balaclava with a peak, dark pants and black gloves.

"This individual was approximately 5ft 7in tall and of slim build, and they were carrying a handgun.

"From what we now know from the review of some CCTV that we have acquired so far, we know this person shot at the two men who were walking down Kingsheath Avenue.

"Both men responded by running away from that person with the firearm.

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"Responding to the sound of those gunshots, Olivia's mum Cheryl appears to have opened the door to her property in order to see what was going on outside."

The 35-year-old man, who Cheryl and Olivia do not know, saw the front door opening and ran towards it. Despite Cheryl's best efforts to try and close the door, the man forced his way inside, followed by the gunman.

The gunman opened fire through a gap in the doorway, with one bullet hitting Cheryl in the wrist and Olivia in the chest. The gunman continued to try and force entry into the home and fired two more shots at the 35-year-old man, before fleeing the scene.

Moments later a black Audi arrived outside to take the injured man to hospital. Olivia was left for dead in the doorway along with her mum.


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