What you can and can’t do this weekend under new government Covid rules

Families across England are reuniting as lockdown restrictions ease and indoor hospitality is once again open, including cinemas, pubs and concert venues.

It’s the first time since 2020 that people from different households have been allowed to meet indoors.

Now, they can mix inside in groups of six – or two households – and celebrations such as weddings and christenings in Covid-secure settings are permitted, with up to 30 people.

But the virus is still out there with one in three people showing no symptoms, so regular rapid testing and following the Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air guidance will help us all stay safe and stop the spread.

Meeting outdoors is always the safest option, and if you do go indoors stick to the rule of six or two households.

Here’s what you need to know to follow the rules and stay safe…

I can’t wait to hug my parents. Is that permitted now?

Yes, you can now have close contact with family and friends – including hugs. Use caution and common sense and think about the risk of catching or passing on the virus, which spreads mainly among people who are in close contact (within two metres).

I’d love a minibreak. Can I stay overnight with friends now?

Yes. Hotels, B&Bs and hostels are now open, so overnight stays are permitted for groups of up to six, or two households.

I’m sick of doing yoga on Zoom – can I go to a class in person?

Yes, organised exercise classes, including those in gyms or yoga and Pilates can resume in a Covid-safe environment.

Can I go to the cinema now?

Yes. Indoor attractions and hospitality venues are open, including cinemas, restaurants, museums, theatres, bowling alleys and organised indoor sporting events.

My nan’s in a care home. How many visitors can she have?

Care home residents can have up to five regular visitors, with up to two at one time or in a single day (in addition to their essential care giver). Residents can now leave the home for a low-risk visit, such as a walk in the park, without then having to self-isolate for 14 days.

I’m still unsure about mixing indoors. How can I stay safe?

Go at your own pace and follow the rules. It’s safer to meet outside if you can – and minimise close contact. If you do choose to meet indoors, open a window to ventilate and let fresh air in.

Remember, some people are more vulnerable than others and exercise caution at all times. One in three people who have Covid-19 shows no symptoms, so get into a routine of taking two tests a week and isolate if the result is positive. Maintain a two-metre distance and wear a face covering whenever you’re out in public.

  • Remember hands, face, space, fresh air when meeting others indoors. For more information visit gov.uk/coronavirus

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