White House says ‘we can never allow mob rule’ as Trump’s press sec blames riots on Liberals’ ‘war on police’

THE White House said "we can never allow mob rule" as Donald Trump’s press secretary blames the riots on Liberal Democrats’ "war on police."

In the statement dated October 27, the Trump administration said "the riots in Philadelphia are the most recent consequence of the Liberal Democrats’ war against the police."

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The comment from Kayleigh McEnany's office indicated that the government was getting ready to mobilize as civil unrest erupted in the Pennsylvania city when police fatally shot Walter Wallace Jr.

"Law enforcement is an incredibly dangerous occupation, and thousands of officers have given their lives in the line of duty," it read

"All lethal force incidents must be fully investigated. The facts must be followed wherever they lead to ensure fair and just results.  

"In America, we resolve conflicts through the courts and the justice system.  We can never allow mob rule.  

"The Trump Administration stands proudly with law enforcement, and stands ready, upon request, to deploy any and all Federal resources to end these riots."

The statement was released after Wallace, who had mental health issues, was gunned down on Monday by cops after he refused to drop a knife he was carrying.

A car rammed through a police barricade on Tuesday during the violent unrest sparked by his shooting.

Riots and looting over his killing have spread to New York and Washington DC after raging for a second night in Philly on Tuesday.

A car was filmed ramming into a police barricade last night while cops tried to smash the windows with batons.

The violence intensified as rioters looted stores, set fire to rubbish bins and smashed up cars.

Roughly 500 people gathered at a West Philadelphia park last night, where they chanted and marched through the neighborhood.

Elsewhere, footage showed people ransacking stores on the opposite side of the city from where Wallace was shot.

A little after 8:30pm local time, Philadelphia Police issued a warning that a crowd of approximately 1000 was looting business in the area of Castor and Aramingo and to avoid the area.

Harrowing images showed fires in the middle of streets, while a large police presence was required at a Target and Walmart, where windows were smashed and items stolen.

Philadelphia braced itself for another night of violence yesterdat as video showed cops running away from demonstrators, who appear to be throwing bottles at them.

More footage which emerged that day showed rioters hurling trash cans at a line of cops and another that showed looters sifting through trashed stores.

Another black man, Karon Hylton, also died on Monday after crashing his scooter into a car while being chased by police in DC.

Shocking video footage shows demonstrators hurling garbage and garbage cans at officers in riot gear holding up a line of shields that day.

Another video appears to show a rioter raiding a police vehicle, while more captured footage shows a police vehicle on fire.

Police confirmed that at least 30 officers were injured in the night of unrest, including one female officer who was hit by a truck and sustained a broken leg.

Rioters looted several stores and at least one restaurant, and police said that more than 30 people were arrested for throwing bricks or rocks at officers or looting.

Meanwhile, Trump tweeted that Philadelphia "must have pollwatchers" as the city descended into chaos over the past two days.

"Philadelpiha [sic] MUST HAVE POLLWATCHERS!" the president tweeted on Tuesday morning.

Trump made the comments just one day after he and his presidential competitor Joe Biden held rallies in the city.

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