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BETHANY De Cogan was jailed in 2021 for causing disruption to emergency services.

Here, we look at the incidents that led to her going to prisonand what she is doing now.

Who is Bethany De Cogan?

Bethany De Cogan is from Kilburn, North Yorkshire.

In 2021, she was given a jail sentence for repeatedly making nuisance calls to the emergency services.

Prosecuting, Michael Bosomworth said members of the public had come across De Cogan on a bridge on the A19 near Thirsk  on several occasions, threatening to jump.

She had also called the emergency services herself after drinking nearly a whole bottle of gin and threatened to jump.


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What was Bethany De Cogan jailed for?

De Cogan was jailed for making repeated nuisance calls to the emergency services in March 2021.

She had threatened to jump from a bridge on the A19 near Thirsk in North Yorkshire, on February 8, September 28 and October 4, 2020.

She had previously received a Criminal Behaviour Order after getting drunk and laying on a level crossing in May 2019 at Northallerton railway station.

The incident led to 123 minutes of delays and cost railways companies over £10,000. 

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The order prevented her from going to the Northallerton and Thirsk railway stations, except for legitimate reasons.

She was also barred from calling the emergency services, except for a genuine purpose.

The judge at her hearing at York Crown Court jailed her for two years and three months, saying that her actions had put people’s lives at risk by potential delays to life-saving services.

Judge Sean Morris said "These are serious and persistent breaches and serious cases of antisocial behaviour.

"I have to consider that members of the public had helped pull you off the bridge – in reality, I don't think you had any reality of jumping.

"This was attention seeking of its worst kind. The A19 had to be closed on two occasions."

Where is Bethany De Cogan now?

De Cogan is set to feature in episode three of BBC Two's Parole, on Monday, March 6, 2023.

The series looks at the process behind parole hearings, and the cases made for those who intend to gain an early release.

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