Who is missing hiker from Montana Forest?

A HIKER went missing after trekking in a Montana forest in July.

Carbon County authorities are in the midst of a search.

Who is the missing hiker?

Tatum Morell is missing in the Custer Gallatin Forest.

Morell is an experienced hiker and had planned on hiking to the top to five peaks in the area, authorities said.

She has an orange and grey tent set up in the Shadow Lake area and officials shared photos of her wearing a large dark green backpack, baseball cap, a black shirt and pants. 

Slightly longer than seven miles total, the West Fork Trail Head is “heavily trafficked” and its features include multiple waterfalls, according to AllTrails.com.

The trail sits right outside the southern Montana city of Red Lodge. 

When did we hear from her last?

The 23-year-old has not been heard from since July 1, 2021.

Morell last checked in with her mother using an inReach device at 8pm the evening of her disappearance.

Members of the Red Lodge Search and Rescue team and the Carbon County Sheriff’s office are asking for help.

What is inReach?

Morell last communicated with her mother using an inReach device, a satellite communication device that allows users to send and receive messages, navigate routes, track their journeys, and if need be, trigger an SOS to call for help from a global emergency response coordination center.

The technology uses the Iridium satellite network, which has pole-to-pole coverage to send and receive data.

The device pairs with an app on your phone and can send and receive many different types of messages.

In 2016, a female hiker, survived a 60-foot fall and attributes her success story to her inReach," Garmin.com reported.

The hiker stated: “Fortunately I had the inReach with me and was able to send my exact location and text with fiancé to provide up to date information on my injuries. Not only did this device save my life, but provided me comfort to speak with those that I love and get updates on where my rescue efforts were at."

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