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THE Adams family were formerly one of the biggest crime syndicates in Britain.

The gang have experienced legal issues in recent years, and has seen their power and notoriety wane as a consequence of this. Here's what we know about the second oldest brother in the family, Patrick Adams.

Who is Patrick Adams?

Patrick "Patsy" Adams is a former gangster who was known for being a member of the Clerkenwell crime syndicate, along with his brothers Terry and Tommy.

He has been jailed on numerous occasions due to his criminal activity, and is currently serving a sentence after shooting a former accomplice.

He was born February 2, 1956, in London.

He gained a reputation for being one of London's most feared underworld figures.


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Who are the Adams Family?

The Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate, also known as the Adams Family or the A-Team are one Britain's most notorious crime families.

He created the syndicate with his brother Thomas "Tommy" Sean and Terry.

They were all born to Irish parents and together with eight other children they lived in their family home in Barnsbury, Islington.

The criminal gang was expanded in later years to include other family members and close childhood friends.

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Has Patrick Adams been to prison?

Adams has been to prison on more than one occasion.

In 2016, Patsy was jailed for nine years for shooting Paul Tiernan, once a member of their inner circle.

Patsy shot Tiernan in the chest in Islington, north London, in December 2013 with a .45 calibre gun after suspecting him of being a police “grass”.

He served sentences for armed robbery in the 1970s and having firearms and ammunition in a public place in the 1980s.

He spent seven years in prison for armed robbery, but was released in 1975 and opened a string of businesses.

His wife begged him to escape the life of crime and move to Spain, where he bought property and started new businesses, although he would return to crime with his 2013 shooting.

His son, George Adams has also spent time in prison for a variety of offences, including robbery and possession of firearms.

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